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Hi ,
I was in Sudan with Christine until when I came back recently after receiving a call from my wife that some people had been coming to my residential place in a manner suggesting that they are likely to cause harm to my family. By then, we had gone to Abyei where we tossed a lot of Orgonite to bring peace where there were some conflicts over the place. Many sucurity personnels had been posted to the place but they had not brought the expected result.
On the day I came back, at around 8.00 pm, I was resting in my place when I heard a knock at the window and door, requiring me to go and open the door. For security reasons, I had to ask whom that might be. When I raised the attention of my neighbors, they escaped and ran away.
Two days later, I received a phone call in the evening hours, demanding that I ought to go to a place, where I was told a close relative was waiting for me. The caller was a lady and tried to imitate my relative's voice. I sent my neighbor to g and investigate the matter, and they soon reported that they saw some two unarmed men with a lady whom they did not know.
When I went to see by myself, I reached the scene and soon some gentle men were coming to get hold of me. I escaped running away and many came to help. Unfortunately, they all escaped and none was caught.
Everybody was disturbed at that, and we spent sleepless night. The following day after reporting the incidence to the police, one of them called me, and we followed the number and found one of them. Some had gone away and now the CIDs are doing investigations.
When I contacted Don immediately about that he assured me of security and advised me to put a lot of  Orgonite around my place. Nothing bad has happened, though I feel threatened. Unfortunately, they are people who stay around where I come from, and knows me very well. I suspect that this is happening as a result of our success that we are noticing in our business.

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Dancan emailed this to me right before the scheduled Sunday chat, so we were fortunate to get to work on it, then.

A couple of months ago Dancan was arrested after he received some machined aluminum at the post office.  The court attempted to railroad him into prison on some vague charges, related to bomb-making, but the entire crew in East Africa sold everything they could and paid the bribe to get him free.  We worked on the judge and prosecutor in the chatroom, meanwhile, and our resourceful friends took the opportunity to hand out orgonite and zappers to the police and court officials, most of whom were very appreciative.

A couple of weeks before his arrest, Dancan's fishing nets were all stolen and the psychics in the chat all saw the judge implicated in all that--bribed by a corporation that sells fertilizers and other poisons to farmers in Kenya.  A confirmation of their involvement came when we learned that this company, evidently aligned with the sugar industry,  was giving molasses away to farmers.  We assume this was to discourage them from buying orgonite from our friends but I think that failed Cool . They saw the judge connected to the fellows who stole Dancan's nets.

Last month there was a concerted effort to hack our friends' email accounts, impersonate three of them and to persuade me to register them on this forum to post reports.   They were incredibly convincing because they knew a lot of details of our friends' lives and their history with me.  Dancan feels pretty sure that the would-be assailants are connected to these hackers.  I'll ask Andy to send him an email and photo from a gal who claimed to be the late David Ochieng's widow and was soliciting money from him.  I hope he still has the photo in case that one was the woman among the group of assailants.  David's wife, Emmah, was killed soon after he was in late 2009, of course.  David's sister, Nancy, is producing orgonite at Mrs Odondi's manufacturing facility.

So, there's some history to bring you up to date.  The psychics suggest that Dancan is getting hit so often, right now, because the corporate world order's agents assume that he's the boss.  I suggested to him that the reason I'm relatively safe, these days, is that I strenuously avoid creating the impression that I"m a boss or that I'm irreplaceable Wink .  

The truth is that they've tried a lot harder to kill my wife than they've tried to kill me, over the years.  I think they recognize that she's more dangerous to them than I am.    In the past couple of years, though, we've been left alone most of the time--probably on account of the much, much bigger threat to the corpoate Fourth (American/Brit/Israel) Reich, which is the alleged 'Tea Party;' the groundswell of disgust with tyranny in general in America.  They forgot to disarm any of us before creating all that Hitler legislation after they blew up the World Trade Center, so they can't enforce martial law (except in violently fascist Israel, as usual) and now it's about time for this nazi/commie corporate world order to 'Put Up or Shut Up.'

Doc Batiibwe's dear wife, Hilda,  was evidently poisoned at the same time that Dancan was supposed to have been attacked but he remembered to get a zapper on her when she was hospitalized, thank God.  I got an email from him an hour after the chat ended, which was after midnight at his hospital in Uganda.

The day before they tried to spring the trap on Dancan my wife was 'touched' on the back by a 'shaman' at a psychic fair where we were operating her aura camera and selling orgonite&zappers.  After I get some web help I'll post his aura photo Cool but Carol and a friend of ours, who was present at the time, were pretty creeped out by this guy, who looked to be about my age and was quite tall--typical old hippy look.  After his photo session, he touched Carol's back in a spot that made her experience pain and the next morning she woke up with a splitting headache, so was unable to do the psi stuff in the chatroom.  She immediately knew that he'd harmed her when he touched her back.  The other psychics got the impression that they needed more femaile psi help to get to the bottom of Dancan's problem.  Thanks, Vasso in Hellas!

After the old hippy etherically poisoned Carol (I missed seeing it, though I was there) he started bragging loudly about his 'ancient knowledge' and spouted some past life horse$#!+ (you know, they were all important people...before).  I said, 'Yeah, you look pretty ancient!'  I was joking & didn't realize what a schmuck he was, yet,  but he left pretty fast after my joke.  I'd have smiled and said that to anyone who spewed that jive in front of me, of course.  Shaman!   Go figure Cool  

Fortunately after making no progress on Dancan's behalf for almost an hour, the other psychics went to work on Carol and got rid of her headache in a few minutes, then we finished the job efficiently.  They got a good, 3D view of the 'shaman' as a typical Monarch meat puppet for the NSA.   In cases like this, we stick with it until the wounded warrior looks to be safe and well and/or the aggressors are etherically neutralized--that most often takes the form of softening their hearts, now, as our African friends did with that judge and the cops.  We used to mostly kick butt in the forums (got some good scores in the obituaries, after) but that sort of shifted more toward healing the corporate/occult felons of the receding, ancient world order who are intent on mass murder.

I think that only saccharine morons call them, 'The Powers That Were,' because these demons with trousers are still slaughtering masses of people, right now.