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9-Year Victory Over Bone Cancer.

I would like to tell others what Dr. Kelley’s book, One Answer to Cancer, did for a number of us but more especially just how it began with me.

Doctors had tenderly, but emphatically, told me that they could do nothing for my condition. It was apparently cancer of the bone — and as lovingly as a father, with tears in his eyes, one doctor said: "You’ll get worse until — ?" He left me immediately. Somehow I didn’t feel shaken at all. I felt so secure in God’s hands. I knew the doctor in the clinic had told my son that it was a matter of 3 to 6 months. This doctor said the spine was hopelessly deteriorating. Nine vertebrae were collapsed. This caused cramps across the shoulders and chest. When the attacks came upon me I was in such pain as to have to have pain-killing relief by medication. These tablets had such severe side effects that I could not endure them.

My bones were brittle and, as the doctors told my son, they were like chalk. So small a pressure as a bump of my elbow against the ribs would crack a rib. Faith in God as my greatest physician helped me to hold steady until one day I was touched by His healing power. The healing was instantaneous as to the pain and spine. Doctor’s couldn’t believe this but I never took an aspirin or any narcotic. There was no pain or cramps. The spine was healed.

At this time Dr. Kelley’s book, One Answer to Cancer, was laid on a table near my bed. So I picked it up two or three times. Finally, I realized I was not gaining strength but the opposite was true. However, I never had another pain in my spine nor cramps. So I read from Dr. Kelley’s book these words: "Malignancy indicates an active pancreatic enzyme deficiency." I began in earnest to read. Every word sounded so logical and clear. Cancer always seemed like a killer that couldn’t be controlled. The killer was too complex. But Dr. Kelley had the key. He was unselfish and tried to put the key on the lowest shelf where all of us, little or big, intelligent or uninformed could all reach the key to one answer! The diet and nutritional program cost a bit but nothing compared to the fruitless efforts of the medical doctors, hospitals, etc. So, on my bed of affliction, growing weaker all the way, I set myself to follow each step of Dr. Kelley’s instructions.

Many times I would think, "Perhaps I am wrong in following Dr. Kelley’s diet and nutritional program." Our medical doctors wouldn’t listen when I told them about it. But, feeling I had nothing to lose, I kept on. Dr. Kelley’s book is most valuable. Here, I who knew nothing, was free from those painful unprofitable visits to the doctor’s office. Eating differently was never a problem for me — I had been a missionary for 40 years. If a diet would help, I thought I should get on it as strictly as Dr. Kelley suggested — and not just keep eating anything I felt like eating. So I took everything seriously. One year later I felt much better; I was up and out on the road in the missionary services traveling 20,000 miles one summer. However, I felt I needed some guidance so I went to see Dr. Kelley. It had been a constant battle to keep on a strict and proper diet with the stress and strain of my work.

I have gone abroad three times and carried a heavy workload in the U.S.A. to visit among hundreds abroad and at home, and to not eat "junk" food takes a backbone of steel and a conviction that this nutritional program is best. Stress and strain goes with the public appearances and directional work but these five years have been good years, although they were not without battles, but I am able to work 12 hours nearly every day but Sunday.

Even if members of our family and missionary group have no cancer, my husband and I urge all to consider the value of a nutritional diet as a way of life and health. Our grandchildren are being taught the importance of proper diets, purges and careful living.

There are those around us who are dying of cancer unnecessarily. We have suggested the Kelley nutritional program to people we’ve seen in need, but many have refused to put that much effort into regaining their health and are now gone. We’ve seen others who have willingly read Dr. Kelley’s book in time, and have found the Key and are living examples today of what his program can do.


Dr. Kelley: "When the doctor says you have cancer, he gets your attention rather rapidly and God gets our attention rather rapidly. We address God immediately. Then we realize God has been talking to us all along, we just haven’t been listening. He’s been trying to communicate with us in several ways short of violating our own free will. The reason that he created us is to let us experience life and to have free will, and to come to him voluntarily and with love and appreciation — not by force, but because of the love that is in our hearts.

"As we address the situation of cancer, we realize that we did it to ourselves and this is, to me, the chief characteristic of God — his respect for our free will. It’s one of the greatest lessons I have learned through the cancer situation, through my cancer. God in all of his wisdom and comprehension and completeness and knowingness does not force us to do anything — to be right, to do right, to be kind to each other — to do anything. He has set the rules, the requirements, and the example of how we should conduct our life activities, but we are so dumb we can’t figure it all out. He has given us great freedom. He has respect for our beings and our persons. He allows us the privilege of getting into trouble. When we do get into trouble we turn around and blame God. Those of us who get into trouble with cancer are learning a pretty tough lesson, but we get the message eventually. When we get the message, that it is our fault, we turn, and in our pride and haughtiness and all the other things that go along with the proper description of us, we humble ourselves and vow ourselves to reality and truth and righteousness, and then God can talk to us. I just hope those who learn this lesson, as most of my counselees have, don’t have to learn it again. Or suffer some other tragedy."