Blunt, Anthony

The Mystery of Super Spy - Sir Anthony Blunt

by T Stokes, Lecturer in Paranormal Studies

July 17, 2006

A catalogue of wartime British intelligence corruption, and incompetence at the highest levels, and a classic case of Illuminati prosecution immunity...

“In such small deceits do we begin the auction of our souls”.

Born in 1907 his School life was difficult, and he was seen as both remote and awkward;  he would later claim to Guy Burgess that his first sexual experience was at age 8.

Men, particularly when disturbed emotionally or sexually, often take refuge in “intellectualism”, and Blunt was an intellectual.

Like many others Blunt, while at Trinity college in Cambridge, swore an oath to help spread communism in the west, even supporting Soviet atrocities in the Spanish civil war, as did Kim Philby.

A team of 12  Soviet sympathisers at Cambridge university, known as the “Apostles”, were part of the Commintern, or communist international. The Soviets called it the Hommintern due to the drunken, promiscuous sexual  behaviour of its supporters. Blunt, like many other traitors, was a total heterophobe.

Blunt later claimed as did fellow travellers Philby and Cairncross, that he only helped the Soviets because they were opposed to Hitler, but this does not wash, because Hitler only arrived on the scene in the mid thirties, and as an antidote to the Soviet threat.

All through the Nazi- Soviet pact, Germany and Russia shared their intelligence, and Blunt & co. betrayed all they could. In one instance alone Blunt had 49 Dutchmen murdered.

In the 1930s Cambridge and Oxford were  traitors  recruiting grounds,  often done with the complicity of those in authority,

The Cambridge traitors often said, by assisting the soviets they were only helping an ally, but they never were an ally; the Soviets worked against us the whole way through the war, up to the collapse of the Berlin wall. (This is confirmed by defector evidence, including Oleg Penkovsky, Yuri Nosenko,  Igor Gouzenko, and in particular Anatoli Golitzin, and the K.G.B. archivist  Vasili Mitrokhin).

After the collapse of the Soviet Union much information previously hidden from us about our own nations crimes, and hidden by our own security services has come out. This incompetence has become known from released K.G.B. files, and it makes a mockery of our history books and a lot of revered establishment figures. The American Freedom of Information act is also quite revealing. Blunt upset many contemporaries by his reference to the unnecessary fire bombing of German dormitory towns and cities, “as an act of the greatest cowardice by the R.A.F. when the third Reich was making gestures for an honourable surrender from 1942”.

Blunts heavy drinking bouts show the anxiety and mental restlessness over being found out; the guilt over trying to destroy ones country must have been huge. This would be fertile grounds for deep depression, which often leads to alcoholism.  

Blunt rose to the very heights of the intelligence world, and recruited many others to also betray their families and countrymen.

His friend and fellow traitor Guy Burgess was a devout keeper of daily diaries, and even today these make shocking reading.

Incidentally both Blunt and F. B. I Chief  J. Edgar Hoover both subscribed to the theory that the Jewish underground, the “Sanyanim”, supported Russia through World War two. Blunts colleague and fellow traitor Kim Philby actually married Litzi Friedman, a Jewish underground runner for Soviet Intelligence. Amazingly we never questioned him on this; in fact her security file  actually carries  a warning about this.

It was believed that the Jews would help anyone who opposed Germany, (see testimony Ethel Rosenberg, Ruth Cohen/Werner and Helen & Peter Kroger); this compounded by Churchill’s decision, on Victor Rothschild’s advice, to forbid any intelligence gathering on Russia. And to ship them aid as in spitfires and foodstuff etc, when our own country was so desperate, remember we shared all intelligence with the Soviets, they shared none with us, Stalin even deliberately muddying the waters, with Churchill falling over himself to appease the Russians. 

In 1942, India bravely supported Britain in its war, while Churchill refused to help the Indian famine which killed four and a half million people.  Churchill even remained silent over Stalin's  rape squads; Russian soldiers entering Germany with orders to rape as many German women and children as possible, to disrupt the Eugenics tables.

Again defector evidence hints at the American president and his wife, Eleanor Roosevelt, having Russian socialist sympathies, but this could have been blackmail over her sexual promiscuity.

Bear in mind, to remain silent about a crime is to be complicit in it. 

Churchill’s attitude as an issue in itself is very strange.

Blunt had strong feelings that Germans like Klaus Barbie, who was so successful at rounding up Churchill’s wartime S. O. E.  thugs and   bombers, Barbie then like others became agents for America in the war's aftermath, because the only people with an intelligence infrastructure to deal with the soviets were the Germans, so they were promised immunity, the war crimes trials of Nuremberg, meant the allies went back on their word. 

Churchill did not even want a trial, just a few quick murders as shown in the way the S.O.E dealt with Mussolini’s cabinet.    

Our Intelligence services said Britain’s real enemies all along were the Soviets; anyone helping German interests were hanged or shot, Soviet agents most times were not even prosecuted. And it meant the whole truth about Stalin’s Englishmen never came out.

Incidentally, Louis De-Whol, one of the British governments team of astrologers during World War two, claimed all along that certain highly placed people were at risk from blackmail. These were; alcoholics, predatory homosexuals, communists and compulsive blabbermouths. Blunt met every category, yet was allowed to continue in place. In one incident, from the Russian firt chief directorate, Blunt (codenamed Johnson) broke down in a taxi outside Leconfield house and confessed to the driver, that he was a Soviet spy, with many deaths on his conscience.

Many taxi drivers who travelled to the Intelligence H.Q. were in the pay of the K.G.B. who reported  back, and they offered Blunt the chance to defect,  which interestingly, he refused . On another occasion, while undergoing a cataract operation, he blurted out to the surgeon accusations about the comedy actor Charlie Chaplin being blackmailed into  being a  top A.I.P  (agent in place) for the Jewish underground, under threat of exposure about his tastes in underage girls,  his recruitment by  Lord Victor Rothschild, of his own  involvement with both the Russians,  and of Blunt being “turned on sexually“ by the shiny boots, and fur busbies that Guardsmen wore.

Now remember you could get treatment until 1992 on the national health for sexual problems of this sort, as it was classed by the world health organisation as a mental health illness, and although he was regularly picked up by the police for hanging around public lavatories, he was never prosecuted, as he was protected from within. One of his boasts was that he often shared the same young boys with playwright Noel Coward and Intelligence chief Maurice Oldfield, and the king's own brother, these spotty adolescents they called “rough trade”; he would refer to them as his “catemites”. He would also claim while drunk at whites club, that the labour leader Hugh Gaitskell was murdered by the Soviets. Years later, Gaitskells family nanny,  a woman of scrupulous integrity, Maude Burton, said the family believed it also. I read her actual statement, before official alteration and signing.

The family nanny was then retired to a tiny village called Brancaster Staithe, where she was born, given a cottage, and sworn to secrecy.

The Russians murdered their royal family in 1917, and they were related to our royal family, which is why members of our royal family secretly supported Hitler, and Anthony Blunt claimed Nazi party funding came from the same Jewish banks that supported the allies.

During world war two only one stray bomb hit Buckingham palace, strange, one of the biggest targets in London(!) Hitler wanted to keep our royal family and our empire in place, when the price for American help was to give up our empire.  Blunt would insist that the mysterious death in 1941 of the king’s brother, the Duke of Kent, was a murder on Churchill’s orders, as he was trying to make peace. Blunt was unusually angry over this murder.

It was long rumoured that the unusual resemblance between Blunt and Edward VIII was because they were half brothers.

Anthony Blunt (1907-1983)      Edward VII (1894-1972)

If you look at photos the likeness is uncanny.

The Polish leader, general Sikhorsky, was also murdered, the same sabotage technique being applied to both him as the Duke of Kent.

Blunt claimed the death of the patriot “Lawrence of Arabia” was also murder.

After the war Blunt would jokingly claim to rent boys that he would bring back to his flat above the Courtalds Institute, that he was the illegitimate son of the king and he was sent to the remains of Germany to retrieve letters of support for the Third Reich, from our royal family and he had kept something for “insurance”.

The queen mother in particular was said to be a supporter of Hitler because he was the only man alive who would stand up to the Soviet Union, and remember that in the Russian revolution her relatives, the Romanovs were murdered.

Newspaper tycoon Robert Maxwell allegedly claimed Bilderberg sources named the present queens mother, as his main protector. This meant our inept Intelligence services would never bring him to book, even after defector evidence incriminated him in 1950, and again when he confessed in 1964.

It was no surprise, when his knighthood bestowed on him by the Queen in 1956, was annulled in 1979 at Mrs. Thatcher’s insistence.

Yet he never did come entirely clean, although he feared Peter Wright of “spycatcher” fame, and the clever gentle interrogator Arthur Martin. He was allowed to keep his secrets as long as he kept silent, and escaped much questioning. It is time now that Joint Intelligence Committee (J.I.C,) documentation is made public, and on this subject there is plenty.

The entire war was twisted and distorted by traitors like this, and if we had listened to our Intelligence personnel there would have been no Soviet Cold War.

The pompous and aloof keeper of the Queen’s pictures, a world expert on Poussin, the man who would authenticate fraudulent paintings as genuine for a price.

Official records say he stopped spying at the end of W.W.II,; this is a lie. He was still passing on information and gossip until well after that date.

There is a line from Shakespeare’s Henry V that runs: “old men forget but they remember with advantages", as he got older, events from the distant past would disturb him, as he would hear voices of the men he had betrayed speaking in the dead of night, bringing on drunken crying binges.

Sexual sociopaths are people who because of mental illness have no sense of moral or social responsibility; they block their feelings and avoid meaningful relationships.

They can see themselves as the only good in the world, and look down on others; the isolation is characteristic of paranoia.

His personality profile shows a religious man, and for many communism is a religion, but all the Cambridge spies thought we would all be ruled by Russia and they would be in positions of great power here in Britain. It is strange that the very monarchy Blunt wanted abolished, he was to work for, and be protected by.