Nathan Crowley
Films, Movie makers

Production designer for: Lady Gaga
Relative: Aleister Crowley
Films: Spielberg release HOOK! (1991),

Nathan Crowley:  “Yes, Aleister Crowley is a direct relative, he’s my grandfather’s cousin..."
Nathan Crowley Production Designer...for Nolan's Batman films...Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008) & The Dark Night Rises (2012)!  He was also the production designer for 'mind controlled' slave Lady Gaga's Fame stench (perfume)...the stench that was originally intended to contain 'blood & semen'....which if you know anything about straight out of their rituals...the mixing of blood & semen (and sometimes shit).

SANDY HOOK, SATANISM, SEX  Nathan Crowley was the production designer of Dark Knight Rises. In Dark Knight Rises, Commissioner Gordon points to the words “Sandy Hook” on a map. Nathan Crowley is related to the Satanist Aleister Crowley, who worked for the security services. In an interview, Nathan said, "Yes, Aleister Crowley is a direct relative, he's my grandfather's cousin."  Nathan is the production designer of Lady Gaga's video ad for her perfume, Fame.

Gaga OTO inspired SLAVE
See this 'satanic inspired' mess here!