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New Deadly Measles Epidemic in Romania Claiming Lives – an “out of the box” analysis of this tragedy.

Dr. Robert J. Rowen

April 7 · 2017

Folks, a recent poster on this page, an apparent pro-forced vaxxer, has respectfully brought to our attention a terrible epidemic of measles in Romania. He appears to be using it to preach the benefits of vaccination and insinuating that I have no conscience in my objection to forced vaccination. Yes, there are deaths in Romania due to this epidemic. But we need to look a little closer at the hysteria before we become hysterical ourselves.

To date, there are about 3400 cases. There have been 17 deaths. That computes to a 0.5% death rate, decidedly higher than traditional deaths in measles epidemics. We need to look closer at these deaths than accept them at face value.

One report states that 16 of the deaths were in immunocompromised children, which were depending on “herd immunity” for protection. In other words, these children were not vaccinated, and could not be vaccinated because the vaccine could seriously harm them. So, without vaccine “protection” they would have to rely on the absence of the disease, which computes, allegedly, to everyone else being vaccinated. 
Here is a quote of statistics: 
“””As of 17 February 2017 [2], 3 071 cases had been reported to the National Institute of Public Health, with 2 341 since October 2016 (Figure 2). These cases are either laboratory-confirmed, or have an epidemiological link to a laboratory-confirmed case. Cases have been reported in 36 districts with the districts of Caras Severin (n=703), Arad (n=617) and Timis (n=566) having reported the highest number of cases (Figure 3).
To date, 16 deaths have been reported, all of which occurred in persons who were immunocompromised or had other co-morbidities.
Infants <1 year old (n=549) and children 1–4 years old (n=1,247) made up the majority of cases. Ninety-six percent of cases were unvaccinated (n=2 958), 80 cases had received one dose of MCV and 33 had received two doses.”””

Now I will give Mr. Leo Edward my honest thoughts on this matter and hope that he will respectfully respond.

First, there is another way to interpret this data. That is, that in an otherwise immunocompetent person, there is little chance of death. That is what the data says. In other words, if my 5 year old child is otherwise healthy, I should run him over to the measles party immediately. He’ll get the disease but be very unlikely to die. It is the immune compromised that carry the risk.

Suppose my child is unhealthy or cannot be vaccinated? The report totally ignores published treatments for measles which should dramatically cut mortality in any group – vitamin A therapy. And, I would definitely use ozone therapy on any measles victim. Ozone therapy has a virtual zero toxic effect rate. It has been used for decades for infection. I have shown that ozone therapy can cure the deadliest disease on the planet in hours – Ebola. I would sure rather see my child get natural measles and treat him with ozone and/or vitamin A than risk potential vaccine damage. That is my personal, AND professional opinion, to which I am entitled. I don’t see any evidence that any attempt to salvage these cases with published vitamin A therapy was employed. What about using vitamin C? Why is Mr. Edward not attacking this omission?

The death rate amongst immunocompromised children raises moral, ethical and political problems. I have heard the cries of parents in California calling for and demanding that all of you vaccinate your kids to protect their immune compromised child who cannot get the vaccine. 
So, permit me to take off my medical hat and put on my spiritual hat, since Mr. Edward questioned my consciousness.

I do not believe that I have a right to point a gun at you and demand that you do something to your child to protect mine, other than quarantine your child if he gets a deadly communicable disease. So, how do you get the moral or legal right to do the same to my child? I have posted on this dilemma before on this page.

Life involves risk. Bringing a child into this world involves risk. You accept that risk when you conceive and bring the new life into the world. Your child may have a birth defect, genetic disease, suffer an injury, or disease. Perhaps even have cancer at birth! This is the world God created. It is not for me to question that. You have to accept that risk, just as you accept the risk of dying in an auto crash when you pull out of your garage. If your child is impaired and cannot get a vaccine, then that is one of the risks you consciously chose to accept when you conceive. And, if you didn’t, then I consider that negligent. You should do everything in your power to protect your impaired child, inclusive of perhaps removing him/her from schools where diseases spread. You should consider and study all options to treat a communicable disease should your child contract one, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and/or ozone treatments. We do not know if the kids who died in Romania were also malnourished, and lacking essential vitamins C and A.

But what I do not believe you can do morally or ethically, or even legally (under common law Rights in the USA) is to compel my child to potential injury from vaccines in order to protect yours. Mr. Edward seems to believe that such is the case in America. I personally believe that such demands are reprehensible, and a violation of our FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS. I am responsible for my child, and I am more concerned about untreatable vaccine injury than the natural course of the usual childhood infections God placed on this planet to prime our immune systems. We have not a clue as to the overall consequences of vaccines. We know that the more vaccines in childhood, the higher the infant mortality (SIDS) rate. (Hum Exp Toxicol. 2011 Sep; 30(9): 1420–1428. 
doi: 10.1177/0960327111407644) So, in the population in Romania, maybe 30 children (just guessing) were saved from sudden infant death by not vaccinating compared to the 16-17 who have died. I agree that none of the dead unvaccinated children in Romania will get autism. Likewise, none of the children dead from vaccine induced SIDS will die from measles either. Let's be fair here.

It is not a simple equation to point to the “horror” of the measles deaths in Romania. I am seeing the HORROR of a lifetime of “death” from vaccine-induced autism. For example, I’ve attended a “man” of 21 for the past several weeks with a functioning level of age 2.5. He is bigger than I am. He is potty trained, but that is about all. He bangs his head in pain from his inflammation. He roams the office and suddenly enters my exam room willy nilly while I am with patients. My office has been physically damaged and my staff frightened, but we all want to do whatever we can to give this soul whatever chance he might have to get any improvement. Mr. Edwards, can you quantify the ongoing suffering of his parents to that of parents who lost an immunocompromised child? If so, please tell me how you do this. If not, I think your argument is moot.

I am sorry Mr. Edward. I don’t know what the overall death rate is in the vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated because of failure of our Rulers to do an acceptable study on all cause morbidity and mortality in vaccinated vs unvaccinated. I don’t want to even venture a guess as to the “lost value” of a few deaths in immunocompromised children compared to the EPIDEMIC of autism (hundreds of thousands if not millions) and immune derangements in our world today. Most parents I know with such horribly afflicted children would, in retrospect, rather risk their child to die in an epidemic than live the life they (the child) currently faces as a vegetable or total dependency, never knowing the soul that was within the body of their child. The parents live with grief and tragedy for as long as they are alive, and then have to worry about what will become of their deranged child after they (the parents) are gone. These are things you seem not to think about in your equation. You and I will just have to agree to disagree on this. I would love to have some of the parents of autistic children on this page address this in comments.

You mention, “above all do no harm.” That is the most sacred rule in medicine.

Yes, I would be one of them, a parent would not vaccinate. But I would not have fear that my child would be at great risk anyway as I think outside the conventional medical box. (Just as I did not fear going to Sierra Leone to face Ebola). I just posted here on the brave Dr. Marik who has cured “incurable” antibiotic resistant sepsis with vitamin C. This is where medicine should be headed instead of risking permanent injury and generations of immune cripples with this vaccination experiment.