Nurses on vaccines  Failure to report

Nurse experience at call center for pharmaceutical companies


2010 from May- July


In 2010 from May- July, I worked for a company that hired nurses: LPNs and RNs to work at a call center for pharmaceutical companies. The duties of my position were to work for a particular pharma team (MERCK) and take calls to answer questions about medications, take adverse event reports for these medications, and also to send refunds, etc. to clients. Little did I know that this also included vaccine adverse events. While there were specific forms for all medications and vaccines, I never once saw a vaccine adverse event report, the entire 6-8 weeks that I worked there. During the training and while I worked there, I was not educated on vaccines and their risks, and I had no idea what VAERS was, because in nursing school, they don't teach such things. I was told in training that we didn't have to learn the specifics of taking a vaccine adverse event report, because it's so very rare that we do not need training on it, and the specifics if we ever needed to take a report were pretty straight forward on the sheet we had to fill out. This was not written as a policy, there was no document that stated this, and I was told in the event I received a call, to take down the information being presented by the caller, don't dig for more details, and to let the caller vent, as most of the time it was parents of autistic children "just looking for someone to blame."


After my training was finished I began taking calls. I quickly found that the calls for vaccines were not rare, and I was taking about 2 a day. Not just from parents either, but other nurses and doctors too. I asked my supervisor and team leaders for the paperwork several times the first few days that I worked there, I was asked to submit my notes to the supervisor, who would fill out the report. A few weeks went by and I was called into the conference room with my boss to be told that I need to stop taking notes and submitting them, because anecdotes were not actual adverse events and I was wasting my time even writing down what as being said. I asked if any of the reports I had attempted to take were actually written up, and I was told to just do my job and let my supervisor worry about that. I asked in a way that I was clarifying "so the next time I get a phone call regarding a vaccine, you want me to sit there and pretend to be taking a report, but to not write anything down?" My supervisor shook her head yes and told me that if I continued to waste company time taking these reports I was going to be written up or moved to a different team. I asked for a transfer to another team, because I was not sure if this was the policy for all teams or just MERCK. I was switched to Pfizer and soon found that this was the same way they handled it. I was not able to be in all teams, but began asking other coworkers if the other 4 teams were the same way. Sanofi Pasteur, TEVA, Johnson and Johnson and Galleon were the other teams, and while not all of them are vaccine manufacturers, the ones that were had the same policy. It was found out I was digging and about this and also that I had obtained my own copies of VAERS report forms. I was written up and threatened to be fired. At this point I decided that ethically, I could not continue to work for this company, and I resigned. Unfortunately I signed a legal document that prevented me from taking my work home with me. I was unable to make any VAERS reports because I did not have the information on the patients to do so.


After resigning, I contacted the high ups at Sanofi, MERCK, J&J and TEVA to inform them that this is what was happening. I could never get anyone on the phone. I then wrote letters to inform them of the issue. I only received one letter back thanking me for informing them of the issue and they are launching an investigation and they would follow up with me for more information if needed... That never happened. Two other companies sent me non disclosure agreements to sign and return with the promise that after I did submit the contract, they would look further into it. I never signed, as they only wanted to ensure that I would not disclose this to anyone else. I went to a few lawyers and no one would advise me of Kant legal action I could take with this information. Two weeks later I found out that someone had reported it was possible that I had a drug addiction to the state board of nursing, a completely bogus accusation, which forced me to have to submit to a psych eval and physical, as well as drug testing to unsuspended my license. That was all that was needed to be done by whoever, to make me stop inquiring. During this whole period, I was pregnant with my now 5 year old son, who is vaccine injured. The irony here is overwhelming. I feared sharing this information, but since my Facebook name and the name I am licensed under are different, and I am doing nothing but informing other that their adverse events are not recorded by these manufacturers if you call their company hotlines, I don't feel as though it's much of a threat to the companies. Please if you're going to make a report as a health care professional, fill the from out and submit it yourself.


While doctors and nurses most of the time refuse to even acknowledge a vaccine injury, I am now wondering the amount of reports that people think are being taken seriously, that are really someone who ethically is bound to submit this, but doesn't know the importance of doing so outweighs the companies' loyalty. When I resigned from the company that Friday in July, I wish I would have grabbed my notes (I had about 30 reports that I could have made) but the company had me escorted out of the building and told me I would receive my personal belongings in the mail in a week or so, which I never did, but the pictures and other stuff was replaceable and I knew I wasn't getting my almost full notebook of reports to file. The name of this company is called HEALTHCARE SERVICES GROUP INC in Warminster, PA. This is what lead me to begin researching vaccines. The corruption is real. Thank you for taking the time to read this.