NWO Plans Exposed

By T. Stokes December 7, 2009

Peter Wright the author of best selling Spycatcher, told me in the bar at the Malden-on-the-Blackwater boat club some years ago, that his publishers insisted he remove about a third of the book dealing with high level penetration and manipulation of British intelligence, government and foreign policy.

The period dealt with was in the run up to and during WW II.

According to Sir Anthony Blunt, Lord Victor Rothschild recommended the notorious Cambridge Apostles, for intelligence and government jobs, and these introduction papers still exist in the archives. What has never come out though is that they all first worked for Rothschild.

During the Napoleonic Wars when the world’s two wealthiest nations, Britain and France were both bankrolled by the same Rothschild bank, Rothschild got news back to London on the outcome of the battle of Waterloo through his own intelligence network; enabling him to clean up on the stock exchange and take over Britain’s entire economy.

The Rothschilds and their intelligence network were also behind the push to get Britain into WW II; primarily to support the Rothschild controlled Soviet Union against Hitler’s Germany.

Remember, Rothschild confiscated the Czar’s huge wealth during the 1917 Russian Revolution when the Romanovs were cruelly murdered. The only man in Europe to stand up against Soviet expansion was Hitler, so many of our Royal family secretly supported him.

Sir Anthony Blunt (above) was a key figure in the treachery that got Britain involved in the antagonism between German and Russia, which eventually culminated in WWII.

Meanwhile Neville Chamberlain, the prime minister who negotiated with Germany and declared “peace in our time”, was found dead less than a year after being replaced by Churchill. While the worlds then most respected intelligence chief, Sir Vernon Kell was also found murdered little more than a year after being replaced at the outbreak of WWII.

Vernon Kell had resisted Churchill’s plans for another war with Germany but once it started Hitler tried unsuccessfully to sue for peace, even allowing Britain to keep its army intact after the Dunkirk fiasco when he could have easily annihilated it.

1951 FBI files reveal Russian spy Guy Burgess, who alongside Rudolph Katz and the Cambridge Apostles, acted as informers for Rothschild said Victor Rothschild wanted, and I quote; “to stop Hitler coming to power at any cost”

Hitler took back the German economy from the international money brokers, usurers and money changers, and gave it back to the German people bringing them wealth and prosperity.

Sir Anthony Blunt in the Mayfair debriefings says puzzlingly on the tape, and I quote; “Rothschilds control Britain, the economy, industry and the royal family”.

For years I could not grasp this, but for 6 months at the wars end Anthony Blunt is missing from the intelligence files and whatever he did was too secret to be openly documented.

In fact Blunt had been despatched to the ruins of Germany to bring back letters of support to Hitler from Britain’s own royal family.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Currie-Thompson claims Blunt discovered 30 boxes of top-secret German foreign office microfilms dating from 1933-1944 and notes of conversations at the highest levels.

By 1945 the U S army already had truckloads of Third Reich documents and Duncan Sandys claimed many papers mentioned the Duke of Windsor and other royals struggling for peace. His initials on photographs taken of piles of bodies burnt at Dresden, later appeared as proof of the concentration camp deaths. In fact Duncan Sandys makes no mention whatsoever in all these files of what we now know as the Holocaust.

This huge batch of material was later confiscated by Dwight Eisenhower, the Jewish general with a reputation of extreme cruelty to German prisoners.

Donald Cameron Watt the history professor, confirmed that in 1948 400 tons of documents had arrived from the Eisenhower allied documents centre in Berlin, and been sent straight to the Rothschild mansion at Waddesdon in Hertfordshire.

Sir Anthony Blunt was a an aggressive homosexual, who would instigate drunken sex parties and blackmail those involved to spy for Rothschild and Soviet Russia. While when he became keeper of the Queens art collection, Blunt blackmailed many homosexuals on her staff for information on the Royals for his Soviet masters. Something he continued doing for years after he claimed he had stopped spying.

Rothschild was a frequent visitor to the Royal Yacht Britannia, and the Queen told Princess Diana’s butler, “there are powers in this country of which We have no knowledge”.

The City of London contains within its one square mile, the Bank of England, the London Stock Exchange, Fleet Street newspapers and Buckingham Palace.

Rothschilds syndicates control the Bank of England, the Stock Exchange and the British economy, the press in Fleet Street and the news media along with the wartime intelligence to blackmail Buckingham Palace.

Although he is the nominal leader of the Church of England, the London Mohel Rabbi Jacob Snowman ritually circumcised Prince Charles. Prompting many to ask, are the royals secretly Jews? We do know from insider gossip that Princess Diana flatly refused to have her sons circumcised.

Tony Blair’s New Labour have exchanged democracy for tyranny with a shiny PR polish, giving Britain over to trans-national dominion and importing hordes of foreign nationals. As Britain comes increasingly under the command of faceless European Union functionaries we should be asking if our own Royal family could soon be going the same way as Russia’s Romanovs?

T Stokes

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* With particular thanks to all the intelligence personnel over many years who contributed to this.