Occupy Wall Street
The Pathocracy

Occupy Wall Street Achieves Victory: Free Flu Shots for All – YouTube - The Refusers  MB Comment: OWS protesters have now achieved equality with that elite 1%: Having white coats inject them with ineffective and dangerous vaccines laced with 25 micrograms of mercury-containing thimerosal, which causes neuronal death and DNA breaks.  Highlights (lowlights) of the video: 1) Occupy Wall Street occupied by a white coat invasion force acting like they are in Haiti or Somalia. 2) Columbia nursing student brandishing a multidose vial of flu vaccine perched on a needle in the air – like a cowboy gunshooter in an old western movie. 3) Doctor testifying that we need a single-payer government health program so he can spend less time billing patients and more time on patient care (shooting them up with useless flu shots). 4) Protester explaining that he can’t afford so-called ‘health care’ and gratefully rolling up his sleeve for that ineffective and toxic shot.  Judging by this video, these representatives of the 99% have a steep learning curve about vaccine safety and efficacy, unless they are auditioning for extras in the Refusers Mad Hatter Blues video.

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