Kennedy Jr.  Mossad  Plane crashes

On the Elimination of Natural Leaders: JFK Jr.

January 22, 2013

"The one thing the conspirators did not want to happen was for civilians to discover the plane and the evidence of the explosion."
by L.C. Vincent
The story  of the "elimination" of John F. Kennedy Jr. was laid out in an outstanding publication entitled Media Bypass (before taken over and subverted by the CIA, much as they did to Popular Science) .
According to their research, there was a meeting in Bill Clinton's Oval Office.  In attendance were Bill and Hillary, George H. W. Bush, and the head of the FBI, along with an unnamed agent of the Mossad.  The meeting was held to discuss and decide the best way to eliminate John F. Kennedy Jr.  All of the participants had their "reasons."  
This unfortunate meeting was occasioned because JFK Jr.,  had carelessly told a few close associates that he intended to run for the Senate from New York, and then for the Presidency.   
To compound this threat, he also let slip that once elected President, he would re-open the investigation into his father's assassination.  You can imagine how well all this went over with these occupants of the Oval Office.
Hillary planned to run for the Senate as a stepping-stone to the Presidency.  
There would be no way Hillary would win the Democratic nomination let alone the actual Senate race, and she could kiss her presidential aspirations  goodbye if JFK Jr. ran for the New York Senate race. 
 George H.W. Bush, of course, had zero desire to see the JFK assassination re-opened, since he was in Dallas on that day (the very day which he incredibly stated, when asked where he was on the day of JFK's assassination, that he couldn't remember -- probably the only person in the world who could not remember where they were that day!) as well as the night before, along with President Johnson, where they dined at the estate of Texas oil tycoon Cliff Murchison, adding the finishing touches to the assassination plot.
The Mossad, of course, had no desire to see another Kennedy, especially JFK's son, occupying the Oval Office because they supported the Kennedy assassination for JFK's refusal to allow Israel to go nuclear, and for his limited issuance of silver certificates instead of debt based currency.
The plot was simple:  an atmospheric bomb was planted in the tail of JFK Jr.'s airplane, which would blow up after descending past a certain height.  
By a simple calculation of the landing flight path to Martha's Vineyard, the Mossad knew at what altitude to have the bomb explode, depositing the plane in shallow water for immediate retrieval.
Immediate retrieval, of course, was absolutely essential.  The one thing the conspirators did not want to happen was for civilians to discover the plane and the evidence of the explosion.
The proof of this explosion was shown on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle (when I lived there) in a large black and white photograph of the U.S. NAVY retrieving JFK Jr.'s  airplane from the waters off Martha's Vineyard.  The most interesting aspect was the very large canvas tarp draped across the tail of the plane.  Now just why would the U.S. Navy do such a thing? To hide evidence of the explosion, of course. 
One other anomaly.  JFK Jr. was a civilian at this time, not a public officer.    For what reason was a U.S. Naval vessel tasked with the retrieval of JFK Jr.'s crashed airplane?   The reason, of course, was that with the Navy on the scene, they could proceed with the cover-up.  If civilian rescue craft had been allowed to retrieve JFK Jr.'s plane off of Martha's Vineyard, they wouldn't have bothered with such niceties as covering up the tail of JFK Jr.'s aircraft.
Adding to this certainty is the fact that civilian rescue craft were on the scene well before the Navy arrived, but were sternly told to stay back while the Navy performed the cover-up.
On the same front page, the general public was treated to the usual psy-op disinformation campaign we have now come to expect from our Illuminati  rulers. 
The public was "informed" that JFK Jr. was a careless, slipshod, hot-shot, showboating pilot, who nearly always flew his plane outside of its normal  parameters. We were told he constantly took reckless chances, that he wasn't instrument certified, and that his plane crash was due to his ineptness as a pilot.  
Adding to this, we were also informed by the lap-dog media that the weather had been terrible that night, contributing to low visibility, which probably confused JFK Jr.   His incompetence as a pilot, along with the bad weather, doomed his flight.
Many months later, the actual truth began to filter out, but only to those who cared enough to do the research.  Not only was JFK Jr. a very experienced and accomplished pilot, but his flight instructor, the man who taught him how to fly, insisted he was exceptionally careful and thorough.  He also stated that JFK Jr. was also fully accredited to fly by instruments.   Moreover, the weather that evening had been clear, with high visibility.
Unfortunately for the plotters, there were also numerous eye witnesses who saw JFK Jr.'s plane fall like a stone falling out of the sky, which is exactly what happens when you lose the control of an aircraft's tail assembly.  
All of these 'eye witnesses' were repeatedly interviewed by the FBI and persuaded to change their story.   The eye witnesses who had reported both seeing and hearing an explosion just before seeing JFK Jr.'s plane dive into the ocean, were very heavily "persuaded."
This is how the Illuminati take care of problematic people.  Airplane assassination, high in the sky and out of direct line-of-sight by the general public is definitely one of their favorite methods, and they obviously do not care how many people die to take out their target.
After all, those extraneous people are all just "collateral damage" -- just as all of us are considered in the Illuminati scheme of manufactured 'consensus' reality.
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