Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.


Open Letter From Dr. Richard Schulze on Healing and Responsibility



Dr. Schulze, Naturopathic Doctor / Medical Herbalist


Dear Interested Reader,


Thank you for your letter. I wish I could answer your questions personally and directly but I am legally gagged. I will make the following suggestions:


Just follow the basic information in these courses; forget the specifics at first. It will make a dramatic change in your health, and will change your life. I developed and used these programs myself for my own dramatic personal healing. The same routines and formulae in my clinic healed tens of thousands worldwide. These programs work on everybody and for everything. The results you will get on these programs will be a perfect reflection of the amount of time, dedication and energy you put into doing

the programs themselves.


I know that we are all different, and our specific problems seem very unique, but I assure you they are not, and I have most likely seen hundreds of people with your same problems, in your same dilemma, in my clinic, and I have seen them all get well. I know that I can't offer you the same personal service, but I can offer it other ways such as the

videos, audios and written material.


Everyone wants the specifics, but the basics of getting and staying well are so powerful, that 98% of the time the specifics are not necessary. The specifics rarely work on their own anyway, or only give temporary results. Getting well is not as difficult as you may think; it is not complicated. It usually takes a lot more dedication, time and energy to make yourself sick. Follow the basic principals of Natural Healing, be patient, and you

will get well.


Maybe the doctors say you are dying, we are all dying and have been since the day we were born. I am not trying to stop death, I am talking about increasing the quantity and quality of life. If you are out of time and are at death's door, or even if you or your loved one still dies, these programs will make death more comfortable, peaceful and usually pain free. Physical death, the eventual physical end for all of us, we will all experience it. I strongly feel that this is something that we should experience at home, with our loved ones, blessed out, happy, and reflecting on the wonder of life and giving thoughts to our loved ones. All of my patients who have had a loved one die at home, using natural

healing, have had a blessed, beautiful experience, and without pain. Who wants to die in a hospital, with strangers, and tubes stuck everywhere and doped up with drugs, incoherent for this beautiful experience?


Probably the only reason you are sick is because the life you led was not healthy enough for your particular constitution. I don't care what your relatives, neighbors or friends eat or do, they are not you, and some people have stronger constitutions and can get away with more than others. Who cares what George Burns does; his lifestyle would have killed me by 20. So, stop blaming yourself or others, get rid of your excuses, your why ME's and your cop-outs; they won't help you get well.


I am not saying this is you, but most people who write, in fact most of the patients I saw for 20 years, and my students and even myself at times, want to work on the specific problems and skip some, or most, or all of the basics. This is what doctors do and why we are fed up with medicine. This is why most of us have the same problems coming back to haunt us, or worse ones.


The following is a review of the basics that most people skip. Natural Healing must be a broad spectrum program, a lifestyle, not just an herb for a disease. If my patients did not achieve the following basics within one month of their first visit, I would throw them out of my clinic. I am a hard ass, a butt kicker, because hard work, not sympathy, gets people well. I have tossed little old gray-haired ladies out the door, I have shoved others out in their wheelchairs and told them to enjoy their life as a cripple. Many people write me and say they wish they could only talk to me, or see me one time for a consultation. Some even weep and say if only I would have known of you when you were still in practice. I tell most of you that I would have thrown your butt out the door too. Don't

think I'm a nice guy, I am a very tough Natural Healing Evangelist.


Only 10% of my patients ever made it through the first month. Everyone said they were willing to do anything to get well, but when they found out what anything was, they wiped out. Ninety percent of the people who came to see me didn't have what it takes to get well using Natural Healing, and I sent them packing. Why do you think that medicine and pharmaceuticals are a trillion dollar industry? It's because people don't want to take

responsibility for their own health or "just say no to drugs." People want the temporary "quick fix" of medicine. For many, life isn't worth living if they have to give up too much of the "good life". Most people wouldn't make near the sacrifices I made to overcome my heart disease.


But, that 10% who stayed, and did the work, well you have heard the miracle stories. Almost every one of them got a miracle healing. They came looking for a good doctor; I was looking for good patients! I am not passing judgment on you and I give you total permission to do anything you want, including drugs and surgery to get well, or to even stay sick; who am I to judge? But you are asking for my help, my experience, and here it



FOOD: Until you are well, regardless of your disease whether it be headaches or cancer, you must be a total vegetarian. Sure, I have seen meat eaters get well, but not as fast and not as completely. You may not have the time to waste. Why do the program halfway? I won't go into all the details, but all animal food is unhealthy. It is full of fat, cholesterol, toxins, drugs, steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, bacteria and parasites. I don't care how little of it you eat, or if you think that it is normal to eat a little, or what your parents did or your protein need fantasy, or even if you eat animal food that is organic and the animal was allowed to pray before its head was cut off. Eating animals is wrong for health and environmental reasons, not to mention moral reasons; so stop it. Our ancestors ate this food to survive; it is not necessary anymore. This is 1995 not 1895, let's move on to a cleaner, more nutritious food program. I know it may be difficult for you but don't fool yourself for a minute, If you are eating anything that had a face or came from anything with a face, I would throw you out of my office, get it?


Believe me, I know what I am asking. It is un-American, and may be difficult for you to achieve after a life of eating blood, but I also know it will give you the results you want. Also, get a juicer and use it; it can save your life - and use Super Foods every day.


CLEANSING: Clean the bowel, clean the liver and clean the blood.


EXERCISE: Move every day, sweat and move more! Do your hot and cold showers!


EMOTIONAL: Quit blaming the program, the herbs, the routines, the doctors and me. Take a good look into the mirror. There is the person who is responsible for your current health. I know you may hate the doctors and blame them, but you walked into their office in the first place. You are the only person who can help you, so get a grip, stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work.


HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE? Many people spend 30 or 4O years killing themselves with cigarettes, beer, wine or whiskey, coffee, black tea or soft drinks, high fat, sugar and low fiber diets, junk food, no exercise, negative television and a bad attitude. These same people then worry if a herb may hurt them, if they are getting enough protein on a vegetarian diet or if they can physically take a health routine. Get real! You're lucky to be alive after what you have done. I have always found that a person's breaking point is about a million times past where they think it is. Most people who are taken hostage, starved and given forced labor end up healthier. Maybe you should consider getting kidnapped by a hostile government.


I know I have been tough, but that is the only way I have seen miracles happen, and I want more than anything for you to have one.


Good Luck and God Bless You,


Dr. Richard Schulze


"The healing journey you are about to embark on is not a burden or a chore

but a blessing.  It will be your greatest adventure inward to discover and

create a new healthy life."-- Dr. Richard Schulze