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Over Two Decades And No Justice: Government Protecting Doctor, After Nurse Damages Baby Girl’s Brain With Vaccinations Against Parental Consent




In 1993, the parents of Jodie Marchant, went to the Aldermoor Surgery Health Clinic in Southhampton, UK to get their toddler an MMR shot. Parental consent is required for UK vaccinations. The Marchants had agreed that the MMR shot would be their daughter’s onlyvaccine injection and they put their decision in writing.  Instead, their vibrant, beautiful toddler screamed like never before as a nurse injected a pre-loaded syringe. Vac Truth has the details:


“Within minutes after Jodie was vaccinated, she started shivering and shaking, was taken home, had high-pitched screams, suffered a high fever and stopped eating right away. Her parents were told by the doctor that she had a virus and not to worry. This was the day she was left permanently disabled and would never again be her normal self.

“Jodie’s parents had no help in understanding what was wrong with their daughter. Jodie would regularly bash her head and needed to wear a helmet for protection. She suffered seizures. She became doubly incontinent, meaning she lost control of her bladder and bowel movements. She stopped walking and eating, lost speech, lost eye contact, stopped recognizing familiar adults and she had a horrible smell from acid reflux that kept coming out of her mouth, for years, all while growing as a child. This all started after she was given that shot.”

That pre-filled syringe didn’t just have the MMR vaccine. It was an experimental eight in one death shot that included not just the MMR, but the MMR2, DPT, Oral Polio and the Hib vaccine. But Jodie’s parents didn’t discover this until 1998, the same year Dr. Andrew Wakefield published his papers concerning the MMR vaccine. The Marchants asked for records showing vaccine batch numbers and all medical records. Vac Truth reports:

“In 1998… The Marchants lodged a complaint with the General Medical Council (GMC) regarding the actions of Dr. Allison Hill but were told without the nurse [who gave the shot] being identified, they couldn’t blame the doctor if the nurse had acted outside of her professional duties.

“The Marchants began receiving death threats and were told to remain silent and drop any actions against the doctor and the GMC. The police were also stopped by the Legal Services Commission from helping the Marchants pursue further action against the doctor. Problems like these prevented their case from moving forward until miraculously, Jodie’s parents obtained the record they didn’t know still existed.

“In 2012, nineteen years after the injury, the eighth vaccine record surfaced and this record identified the nurse, Eve Wheen, and was signed by Dr. Allison Hill, and contained proof of limited consent.”

Jodie continues her life as neurologically vaccine damaged. There have been gastric band and brain surgeries, to no avail. The despair and pain surrounding this child and her family has not ended, nor have they been given the recompense and support they so desparately need. Even today, the Legal Services Commission (LSC) in the UK is doing everything they can to prevent the Marchants to share their unspeakable truth. Here are words from Mr. Marchant, Jodie’s brave and loyal father:

For almost 23 years since Jodie was damaged, we have faced much opposition trying to destroy our case, which I am convinced could be that, if we are prevented from reaching court. If we can reach court, then much hidden vaccine damage information could be aired publicly.


This case will save many and should never have happened to Jodie and other children out there. If they get away with this, it will keep happening. As her father, I am the voice asking for help to get Justice for Jodie.”


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