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 By Rappoport, Jon

November 10, 2011.

MarkMadden, a Pennsylvania radio host, wrote a piece about Jerry Sandusky, the accused Penn State pedophile, back in April, while a grand jury was deciding whether to indict Sandusky.

Madden alerted readers that something very nasty might leap out at them soon. Well, now it has. Sandusky has been indicted on 40 counts of child abuse. For years, he was Joe Paterno's assistant football coach at Penn State.

And Paterno, and the school's athletic director, and the school president have all been fired, because they were told (in one form or another) about Sandusky raping a young boy in the Penn State locker room shower, and they didn't make sure the cops knew about it and took action.

Well today. Madden, this radio host, has more to say. He states there is a chance that Sandusky, who has been running a foundation to help young kids, has been pimping some of these kids out to rich Penn State donors.

I was speculating about this to a friend last night. I was also telling him about the mysterious case of Ray Gricar, the local prosecutor who considered filing charges against Sandusky back in 1998, when the first report came in accusing Sandusky of washing two naked boys in a shower. Gricar eventually decided not to prosecute.

No one can ask Gricar about his reasoning now, because he disappeared a few years ago, after leaving his home to do a few routine errands.

Eventually, his car was found. Inside the car was his cell phone. His wallet and keys were gone.

Sometime later, his laptop was found in a river, with the hard drive missing.

Sometime later, the hard drive was found in the river bank, but it was too damaged to collect data from.

Police, at Gricar's home, examined his desk computer, and discovered that Gricar (or someone) had been doing searches on how to disable a hard drive.

Gricar has never been found.

What was so important on the hard drive? Evidence of wider pedophile activity?

Did Gricar commit suicide? Was he murdered?

Jerry Sandusky, the accused pedophile, was once one of the most respected assistant college football coaches in America. When he abruptly retired, in 1999, people were shocked. Equally strange, no college since that time has signed him up to coach.

But since 1999, Sandusky has had access to Penn State football facilities, and was seen there as recently as last week.

Sandusky's foundation for at-risk kids, The Second Mile, is well known. It has major funding. It's also, of course, a perfect setting for a pedophile.

Nothing has been proved in court against Sandusky. There could be a trial, there could be a plea bargain.

Yesterday, several sports writers, in the wake of the firings at Penn State, said, "Let the healing begin." They always do. They always refer to sports programs as "the point of pride" for a big university. As if without that religious component, the whole institution would go down the drain. Well, now they may have to wait for the healing. Because if this latest suggestion about pimping out kids to rich donors is true, football will fade out. The University will crumble, and that's just for starters.

There will be secret payoffs, certain men will be boarding planes out of the country, various cover-up crimes will be committed. There will be massive stonewalling.

Keep watching. See if this accusation of pimping kids to rich men is dismissed as irresponsible incitement...and vanishes with no follow-up, no investigation.

Jon Rappoport

Jon Rappoport


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