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[2011 Nov] Veteran's Day Requires a Rethink by Henry Makow Ph,D.

[2011 Nov] Poppy Represents Bankers' Drug Wars By T. Stokes  Those  poppies really celebrate the 350 years of  satanic banking cartels who earn money from fostering wars and pushing drugs. They are laughing at us for celebrating our own destruction by wearing their opium badge, the red poppy.

[2009 Nov] Swinging on the Gates of Hades - Remembrance Day Exposed By Matthew Delooze When we buy a poppy and take part in such ceremonies we are not respecting our brave soldiers oh no my dear brothers and sisters we are worshipping the Serpent through its agents. It is a con trick that is very very deceptive and it is very painful to accept I know. I will have to be blunt to get through to you. ....Wearing a poppy is also just like saying I worship Morpheus, it really is just like a Christian wearing an I love Jesus badge. There is absolutely no difference! We are showing that we worship Morpheus, therefore Hades, by holding rituals around empty tombs.

Knights Templar

"The poppy motif is common in freemasonic architectural design. I saw them all over Gateshead, Edinburgh and Birmingham on all the buildings. I see them here in the states as well in the buildings designed and constructed by Freemasons."