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Portrait of Zio Christian, Joel Rosenberg

October 26, 2011


Elizabeth Dilling and Bella Dodd revealed the Illuminati Jewish (Communist) plan to de-Christianize Western Civilization. Now we see evangelical and fundamentalist churches infiltrated beyond recognition as a new form of propaganda has emerged:

Propaganda Through Prophecy.

(Wikipedia) Joel C. Rosenberg (born 1967) has written five novels about terrorism and how it relates to Bible Prophecy. He has had his work published by the Wall Street Journal, National Review, and Policy Review. His father had been raised in an Orthodox Jewish household and his mother was born into a Methodist family of English descent. His parents were agnostic and became born-again Christians when he was a child. At the age of 17, he became a born-again Christian and now identifies as a Jewish believer in Jesus. Rosenberg opened a political consultancy business, advising former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Natan Sharansky and then-former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where he garnered much of his information on the Middle East that he would later use in his books.

by John Hubbard

[Hubbard reports on a Prophesy Conference called "Gathering Storm" hosted by Rosenburg] 

Joel Rosenberg takes all attention away from the Zionist predators and destroyers of Christian western civilization, and puts all responsibility for our decline ..... on God!
"How were we shaken by the terrorist attacks ten years ago?  Are we morally and spiritually better off? The truth is, God let us be shaken by it." 

And here we see the professional technique by the atheist propagandists: "God let us" instead of "Who did it." 

Because it was GOD who's allowed all these bad things into Western Christian civilization, the anti-Constitutionalists and anti-Christian socialists are exempt from all responsibility.  They're irrelevant, right?
"God let us be shaken by it.  The world is about to be shaken.  You need to be ready.  Everything happening right now is what Jesus told us, that we will be shaken!" 

Oh, well, if Jesus said we're going to be shaken, then the socialist Jewish shakers must be the pre-ordained instruments of Jesus, right?
But wait a minute.  If this is all leading to the Antichrist and Jewish world government; Jesus Christ is not also anti-Christ.  Rosenberg's eschatological case slowly falls apart...
"We're heading into the most deadly and difficult era in the history of mankind.  Bible prophecies are a storm warning for the future.  These seven storms precede the Second Coming of Jesus Christ:  1.Recession, Depression, Economic Implosion.  2.  Radical Islam.  3.  Russian Adventurism or Imperialism.  4.  Rampant Secularism and Religious Cults.  5.  Resistance to Sound Doctrine and Outright Apostasy  6.  Resurgent Persecution of Israel and the Church  7.  Replacement Theology.
But then Rosenberg doesn't dare utter one word about the internationalist forces behind these!  WHO causes America's economy to implode?  WHO desires Islam and Christianity to war?  WHO profits in the military/industrial complex from Russian adventurism?  WHO is the leadership and is supportive of secular media and New Age and Interfaith religious cults?  Who overrides sound doctrine in a de-Christianizing agenda? 

This is completely irrelevant to Rosenberg.  The one important focus on his
agenda is that GOD is doing the shaking.  We can blame everything bad on Him. 

"Shaking" is the recurring theme of this Rosenberg money-making conference.  "Jesus said it in Matthew 24 as birthpains."  Now listen.  Jesus said there would be birth pains.  But He didn't say He would be the cause!  The use of birthpains in the Rosenberg context is ambiguous.  He then quotes Proverbs 22:7, "Don't become enslaved to debt."  But does he once say to his fellow Jews, "Don't enslave in debt for 25% interest."  No.  That is outside the scope of his talk.

 "If China decides to sell off our debt, raise interest rates, move militarily, we're in trouble."
"The national debt is 100% of our GNP."  Correct.  And WHO brought this about?  Into whose hands did American money go?  But because it is none other than GOD doing the shaking, does it really matter into whose hands it went?  It's a non-issue with Rosenberg.  The shaking is prophesied.  That
settles it.  No need to concern yourself further.  It's irrelevant.  The secular and socialist Jews now own most of the gold because "God is doing the shaking."  The AUDACITY to blame God for sins of the worst magnitude in human history!
"Radical Islam faces Israel and the Church."  Rosenberg talks about the Koran verses, but not Talmudic verses, set against Christians.

 "Islam believes the 12th Imam will build the global government," Rosenberg extracts from Inside the Revolution.  "False messiahs in the last days.  Will do signs and wonders to deceive the elect.  Jesus warned us this would happen."  The spin at this point of the conference is incredible. 

In the Book of Revelation, what Jesus emphasizes more than the "mosque of Satan" is the "synagogue of Satan."  But Rosenberg never once, not once, addressed this!  One can only conclude his "smorgasbord eschatology" is a category of false prophecy!
"Russian adventurism..."  But who are the Russians in America's Homeland Security?  Former KGB Director Primakov and ex-Stasi chief Wolfe are Jews!  Russian Jewish lawyers in New York steal $17 billion per annum in medicare fraud!  But this is irrelevant to Rosenberg, because "God is doing the shaking."  And there is no mention of the Jewish Soros, Kissinger, Alinsky, etc.
"We're going to see apostasy throughout the Church."  Oh, really?  Rosenberg, what do you think smorgasbord eschatology is?  And who systematically infiltrated the churches, Rosenberg?  Why aren't you calling the infiltrators and controllers to account? 


"The Church will be the focus of Satan's attacks.  God says it will get worse, not better"  And through whom will Satan be working to de-Christianize and attack the Church, eh, Rosenberg?

Rosenberg makes a big deal of replacement theology, "that Jews rejected God so God rejected the Jews."  His perspective on this is totally confused and convoluted.  He doesn't talk once on the anti-Christ world government put together by atheist-socialist Jews.
"Here are four reasons why God is shaking us!"  he proclaims, instead of 4000 reasons why Jewish socialists are destroying us.
"God is shaking us because He loves us!  God wants us to let go of our material possessions.  He wants us to give up everything and come to Him only."

Could the Third Internationale have stated it any better?  Unless America soon becomes well defended, the Christian view of private property will be relegated to the past, as Martial Law executive orders are prepared to confiscate everything and anything, to further the international Red agenda.  Socialism is the final step before communism.
"God is shaking us because He wants us to know Jesus is the Bread of Life!"
"God is shaking us because He has a mission for the Church."
"God is shaking us because Jesus is coming back soon."

Let no man, no Rosenberg, deceive you. Rosenberg then reveals Shaun Hannity is his friend.  This is followed by a mention of Revelation's
144,000 Jews, without any mention of the Synagogue of Satan.

  "Today, there are about six million Jews in Israel.  So we've got a long way to go before all Israel is saved."  What?  Saved by going to Israel?  Another ambiguous statement.  He said this and it's right there on the simulcast.

(Later in the Q & A segment of the conference, an elderly Jewish woman said she was "aliyah-ing" soon to Israel. Other than that, if Rosenberg truly believed in the Gathering Storm affecting Jews and Christians, he would have had an urgency in his Gathering Storm conference for all American Jews to aliyah, in the manner of Al Cuppett, Tom Hess, Steve Lightle, Jay & Meridel Rawlings.  But this prophetic view was not at all addressed.)  

At the break, a Jewish believer said, "Rosenberg's whole message to this point is one of Fear!"  what an observation.  And by a Jew nonetheless! 

Indeed, the New World Order manipulates through Fear. Rosenberg uses "prophecy" to manipulate through Fear.  Indeed, Rosenberg personifies a type of 21st century false prophecy called "smorgasbord prophecy."
"Luther's book on Jewish lies is vitriolic and still affects the Protestant world today."  Jewish abortionist Morgenthaler's 40,000+ abortions is not vitriolic?  Barney Frank's ripoffs are not vitriolic?
Daily controlled-media lying is not vitriolic?  Indeed, this very "prophecy" conference is not vitriolic?
It's clear at this point that the powers-that-be intended the demise of Steve Forbes.
"We must share the love of Jesus," Rosenberg countered Luther.  It was a touch of irony, at this point in the conference, where manipulative fear reigned... 
A conference attendee asked, "Will the Antichrist be Islamic?"  "No," replied Rosenberg, not mentioning the internationalist Antichrist will have to be part or all Jewish, or Jewish backed, in order for Israel to sign the Isaiah-prophesied peace treaty, the Agreement with Sheol, to kick off Jacob's
Rosenberg concluded, "I teach my boys to pray every morning, 'Thank you God for a new day on the planet.'"  Globalism.  Internationalism. The Illuminati Jewish World Order. 

Comments for "Portrait of Zio Christian, Joel Rosenberg"

Hans said (October 27, 2011):

May i suggest that the term "Christian Zionism" be dropped and buried - there are no Christian Zionists, those described that way are no Christians! They are religious Jews, who bring both Christianity and Judaism as ethnical entity into disrepute. The term is used as some sort of NLP.

Becky said (October 27, 2011):

R says God is going to cause destruction but it is the Zionists that are doing this. I belong to no church but I still believe in God. These 'Christians the have capitulated to having some group tell them what is going to happen and then create the situation are nothing but dead souls who believe they are god. Instead of causing destruction around the world they should be using their
God given abilities to make things better?

Dan said (October 27, 2011):

Christian Zionism is strictly political subversion masquerading as religion. It replaces people's attention on the moral universal paradigm set forth by Jesus with obsession on the re-building of the 'Third Temple' in Jerusalem as per-requisite for the 'Second Coming of Christ'. I won't even go into the convoluted 'theology' involved - suffice to say that when I've seen so-called Christians supporting the resurrection of animal blood sacrifice, and getting excited about the announcement of a kosher red heifer by the Temple Institute I'm sure they've lost their minds. Whatever it was in the past, what's being resurrected now is Moloch, Ba'al, and Ishtar worship, plain and simple.

The tangible result is American Churchianity support for any AIPAC agenda without question; not to mention siphoning in the billions of donations to Israeli orgs and businesses that used to go to Christian charities. The extent is elusive to track for Christian Zionist isn't organized as a visible body, but has become a subculture within all denominations as cover that obey and support the AIPAC lobby.

If post-WWII Jewish bodies would have been satisfied with religious freedom and tolerance and upholding the values of 'Judeo-Christianity' the world would be fine. Unfortunately an elite conspiracy of Satanists of mixed descent control organized religions from the top down. Ordinary Jews are expendable and 'profane' to them as Freemasons.

We might call 'Christian Zionism' 'Illuminati Christianity'.

Gary said (October 26, 2011):

Sadly there have been many sincere people duped into believing the Zionist "Christian" pretrib rapture theology, and such false beliefs could likely cause many of them to then also be duped into accepting the Antichrist as the good guy.

Research "Project Bluebeam" to learn about a possible deception the NWO could use to deceive the religious world into accepting their world leader as the good guy.

It amazes me that many religious people think Israel can do no wrong and holler "antisemite" any time someone points out any wrongs their leaders have done. As Henry has said before, the average Jew is not at fault, it is the high level leaders, most if not all of whom have been high level Freemasons, and those who follow the Talmud and Cabala over the Torah. So it is the high level leaders of the NWO we are against regardless if they are Jew or Gentile.

The Zionist "Christians" seem to forget that even Jesus Himself (as well as the apostles) recognized the Pharisees of their day as being their most hostile enemies, and modern day Israel is effectively controlled by a modern day version of the Pharisees. (study the origins of the Babylonian Talmud and how the backslidden Jews in Old Testament times adopted the pagan Babylonian beliefs during their time of captivity) (also study "The Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop for the Roman adoption of Babylonian beliefs)

Ty said (October 26, 2011):

Rosenburg is sort of right. God did allow it, but that is because we dropped our guard, bought all the "Jews are God's Chosen people" nonsense, and allowed these destroyers of humanity to do all the things they have done to us, and everyone else. So did God "allow" it? Yes, because we allowed it!

Jerry said (October 26, 2011):

The only thing truly important and worth knowing about bible prophecy is Rev. 17:9 and 13:18 and why? Because these are the only two places in the entire bible where one finds the words 'the mind that has wisdom.'

It's as if our Lord were saying psst hey this is where your attention should be riveted. Practically everyone however, is more infatuated with the Gog and Magog of Ezekiel 38&39 which so irrelevant to everything including even Israel.

But since it helps the Zionist cause its something to harp about I guess and don't think people for one minute that the Babylon of Rev. 18 is Jerusalem either as some prophecy teachers are also putting forth. Zech. makes it quite clear that Jerusalem has a future whereas Babylon once she is destroyed she is destroyed forever along with these stupid kings who actually think that they can take on God and survive. So if there is a shaking it will be a coming earthquake that will rock the entire planet obliterating most cites and Jerusalem {the great city} into three. Rev. 16:17-21 & 11:8

The great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations collapsed. God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of His wrath. Every island fled away and the mountains could not be found. From the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible.

As for this teaching that Israel is a fullfillment of biblical prophecy perhaps someone would like to explain why nothing good comes of her rebirth in biblical prophecy. NOTHING!!!!!!Zech makes that all to plain when Christ steps into the city and the citizens experience first hand who the God of Israel is!!!!! Read it and find out how many die and how many will be left!!!
God and Magog comes some 1000 years after this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REV. 20:7-10