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Prince Charles was Dethroned as Prince of Wales at a dinner party in 1996 (Greg Hallett)

Published on 18 Feb 2015

Jim Fetzer: Charles of course must be aware that the children are not his.

Greg Hallett: Prince Charles is absolutely aware. He is completely and utterly and totally aware. He is also aware that his mother is an illegitimate Commoner.

What happened in July 1996, is a very wealthy European Aristocratic female, Lily Bet, hosted a dinner party. Juan Carlos King of Spain was there. Diana was there, and Chahrles was there, and a whole lot of other aristocrats. This was all recorded by Intelligence.

Lily Bet stood up and said to Prince Charles: “You’re nothing. You are not a Prince. Your mother is a Maid. She’s a Maid! You’re not the Prince of Wales. You are nothing!’ And Charles went like this [Prince Charles head sinks down and stays down … a long Pause with sunken head]

Jim Fetzer: And this was the Queen saying this to Charles?

Greg Hallett: This was this really wealthy woman in Spain, it was in Marbella in July 1996.

Jim Fetzer Who was it again, Greg?

Greg Hallett: Lily Bet. A really wealthy aristocratic woman, in Marbella in Spain and …

Jim Fetzer: She just happened to be in possession of the accurate information.


Greg Hallett: Yes. This was called the Soirée of Puddles. The dinner was called ‘The Soirée of Puddles’. Charles was denounced. He was actually dethroned there, before he becomes a Monarch.

Prince Charles was dethroned as the Prince of Wales at this dinner in July 1996.

Princess Diana was there, all dressed up looking in her finest with her jangly bangles on, and she goes “Oh Crap. I’m married to a Commoner!” So Diana goes around and has as many affairs as she can, to expose Charles as the ‘Son of a Maid’. 

Elizabeth II is the daughter of a Maid. She’s not a Royal. She’s a Commoner! So the person you call Queen Elizabeth II is a Commoner.

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