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June 2012

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Post Progress in Britain 
'Great Britain' has become a sort of dirty word, lately, as more and more people are starting to wake up to the existence of the ancient corporate order, which moved its HQ from Venice to London in the early 1600s, which is when Scotland, Wales and Ireland lost what was left of their national sovereignty to these Babylonian banksters' poisonous intrigues, assassinations and sponsored bludgeonings.   They now hide under the copious skirts of the Whore of Babylon, QEII Cool and their abiding fear of exposure  shows us that they're merely parasites and not the unstoppable monsters that the disinformants present to us.

I like 'Britain' because it's a geographical term instead of a political one.  I'll always feel okay about being an American, for instance, even when the federal government has been exposed and discarded and power reverts to the states and localities, as I think freedom from the Venetians/Babylonian parasites in London was supposed to have accomplished in the first place Wink

Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin's protegé in London,  who embodied the American Revolution, was a Briton, fresh off the boat in May, 1776 and I think the agents of The City even tried to kill him with bioweaponry (typhus was then their favorite, later replaced with smallpox) when he was traveling to America.

John Scudamore is another Briton and I think his property in England is also partly in Wales Wink and his site,, is probably the best compendium of information about mind control programs and other empowering material.  He's also a consummate gifter and has sent out a lorry load of suitable metal for orgonite to gifters, mostly in Britain, who have a hard time finding their own.

We were discussing the need to go gift the Olympics facilities in London in order to prevent mass murder by state-sponsored terrorists (British Secret Service) there.   I also asked Carol to check and she told me that someone had distributed orgonite there, already, but that the 'eastern part' was still to be done and that was important.  I also asked him for a synopsis of his recent efforts, since he rarely posts reports about it.  I'm glad I asked!

There was a growing and lively network of gifters in Britain and Australia that was essentially destroyed by an extensive MI6 email slander campaign that pitted people against each other.   By 2004 it was pretty much finished when I discovered the culprits, who had credibility on account of sharing a forum with us.  We started EW right after that in order to keep clear of associations like that.  The gifting has continued in both countries but not the online comeraderie, sad to tell.  Here's what John shared with me:

Rich [Fosh]... gave away about 20 Cloudbusters some years ago and gifted Southampton and Bournemouth, the 2 main cities down south.

I worked out rougly from sales of swarf [metal for orgonite], crystals and orgonite that at least 60,000 Tbs are out there, so probably well double that with other folks making it.

I gave or sold about 150 Kgs of swarf to South Wales gifter (1kg = c. 50 TBs), 300 Kg to seller and gifter in Leicester, about 200 kg to Scotland, plus the odd 10 kg here and there.

Did Bridgend, S Wales

and some Weatherballs

Sold about 10/15 CBs.

I put about 700 Tbs around Manchester and Liverpool, and know there are gifters up there.  And I know M60, M4, M5, M6, M32, & M25 towers are gifted. Also centre of Birmingham, and one really nasty tower there next to Mosque.

Matthew Phillips is another prolific gifter in Mid England (Sheffield?) he is on EW I think, and done a few reports, made him about 50 EPs so far, and hundreds of TBs.

I also gifted London--City and Westminster with 40-60 Earth pipes, and 8 or so Peacemakers, and 6 18s in water, plus numerous HHgs and TBs.  Also EPed GCHQ in Cheltenham and Tavistock in London (2 sites), and place near Stanstead airport, Stansted Hall, that you said was training MI6 psychics. Also Common Purpose building

Also EPed underground bases: Brecon Beacons (Sonnybridge army base), Scammonden dam, Peasemore, RAF/USA base in Cambridge, Gorebridge Alien Base, and rumoured one under Westminster in London, as I said.

Good to hear no Eps are needed at Olympic site, I'll chuck Tbs and dig in some HHgs there esp on Eastside.

They have flagged up blowing up Big Ben in their card game

I did log the gifting but few years out of date now