Psychopathy  Reptoids

The Labyrinth of the Psychopath & The Intraspecies Predators

2011 June. Audio Interview of Thomas Sheridan


Thomas Sheridan is an artist, writer and musician from Ireland. His first major book Puzzling People: The Labyrinth of the Psychopath, is a first-person account of the cheats, the charlatans, the liars, the neglectful parents, abusive teachers, two-faced politicians and their Psychopathic Control Grid, tyrannical bosses and colleagues from hell we have all encountered, including the lying lovers who use us then lose us in an instant. Puzzling People takes a look at how the minds of psychopaths work and why, and focuses on what you can do to survive and thrive and ultimately escape forever. In the first hour of this interview, Thomas will talk about the individual psychopath. He'll talk about their consciousness, drive and tactics and will share a personal story of his experience with a psychopath. Thomas will tell us how psychopaths serve as evolutionary triggers and what we need to do to break free of them. He says we are at the cusp where the psycho control grid either tightens or loses control because of awareness. Topics discussed: moral insanity, internal chaos, pathology, invented personas, playing on pitty, intraspecies predator, spiritual parasite, the R-complex, managers, promoters, the enlightenment, shadow projection, Joseph Campbell, neurosis, Darwinism and more.

1. Extracts:
"5 Traits: Absolutely no remorse
Mysterious past, you don't know where they came from.  You can never get to their past.
Invented personas, no personality.
Invoking pity
High level of testosterone
The psychopath just seems to appear out of nowhere (11:17) It is almost as if there is a predatory consciousness, that is out there and just jumps into the human body (11:31)...there is absolutely no proof it is genetic.  There is a huge push to make it look like it's genetic...and also the anecdotal proof is very much out there (11:53)..that you will have families with a string of empathic parents and then suddenly (11:57) one child is born among the 5 kids they have and this child is a psychopath (12)....(13:16) One in 22/28 (4%) people, no cure....there is no doubt we are dealing with something like an alien life form that lives amongst us (13:24) (14:26) it seems to me as if the psychopath has the pathology and behaviour trait that is very much rooted in the Reptilian core (14:30) of the brain, in the R complex....the Reptilian cortex of the brain is where the Psychopath lives (15:55) is almost as if the Reptilian cortex of the brain is trying to attack the upper cortexes (16:09).....they have phenomenal sex drive due to the testosterone (20:20)...they are always constantly looking for an upgrade (after marriage) (21:28) ..then he will start to devalue her, and this is where it gets frightening (21:34) ..the persona he used to manipulate this woman is gone so suddenly (21:40) she is sent into a state of shock, there are chemical changes in her body bombing, which is what psychopaths and cults do (21:57) actually changes your brain chemicals....gas lighting (23:07)..they begin to change the reality of the person in order to drive them insane (23:12)...part of the exit strategy in order to get them to sign over their savings (23:44)....there is a very interesting symbiotic relationship between the victim and the psychopath (24:38) both at the personal levela nd the social level as well ..(domain of the ego) .they are certain people who are easy targets for psychopaths (24:53)....they get a thrill and a rush by destroying somebody (25:54)..there is an adrenalin rush...they are addicted to those rushes from basically screwing people over (26:13)....they can't write a song or create their own style (31:13)....sexual favours for certain individuals, we both left in a state of shock (33:33) became clear to me these people are planning the culture going forward (Bon Jovi, Motley Crue) and they know exactly what is coming down the (34:03) road and they have it in advance and they try and find people they can mould into the slot and that is how the psychopathic control grid operates in the music business (34:16) and that plays the wider agenda, social control, social engineering as well ...he started naming people in the office who were psychopaths (36:32)...this information is suppressed (37:59) or fenced off in the world of academia in very complex documents ...there is a vested interest in this stuff not getting out and I decided to be the person to take it one step closer (38:16)....there is a psychopathic agenda that is driving Western politics (41:46)..Climate change....basically a rehashed version of Medieval Catholicism where you are all doomed to burn in hellfire (44:09) and that is the end of it if you don't do as we say and pay your carbon taxes  that is the psychopathic control grid operating...there is an elemnt of where we are to be removed, most of us are surplus to the economy  going forward (44:36) and we have to sacrifice our existance in order for a Priest class to rule the Earth and  ...humans are a bacteria on the Earth and this is the projection, this is the shadow of the psychopathic control grid projecting upon us (44:57) and even that has religious aspects....Calvinism ..they keep rehashing this tried and tested techniques of social control (45:33) going back thousands of years and putting a new label on them in order to control us and it's getting worse, and they have the technological ability now to do what they want (Transhumanism) Lady Gaga meat dress (46:30)