Essiac quotes

"For I have in fact cured my own cancer, the original site of which was the lower bowels, through Essiac alone."---Charles Brusch, M.D.

"Clinically, on patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer, (Essiac) reduces pain and causes a recession in the growth; patients have gained weight and shown an improvement in their general health….Remarkably beneficial results were obtained even on those cases at the "end of the road" where it proved to prolong life and the quality of life…The doctors do not say that Essiac is a cure, but they do not say it is of no benefit."---Dr Brusch & Dr Charles McClure.

"Essiac is an excellent blood cleanser and can help tremendously if someone is toxic from either chemotherapy or radiation. Patients seem to feel better taking Essiac; at some level it appears to enhance mood."---Dr Jesse Stoff, M.D.

"Essiac is a therapeutic tea that all cancer patients can benefit from."—Dr Robert Atkins, M.D.

"I’m not sure what Essiac does to extend cancer survival, and for all we know it may not have this effect. On the other hand, it’s not toxic and my patients have reported feeling good while taking it, so why not support them?" Dr Hoffer, M.D., Ph.D.

"In 1994 neither of the people with whom we discussed alternative treatment for pancreatic cancer has any sign of cancer now. They were both told this form of cancer is not treatable by doctors in Western medicine. Both had two five hour operations to diagnose malignant cancer. Statistically less than I % of patients survive for 12 months." M. Costello.

"A doctor whose patient had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, showed signs of recovery. When the doctor rang me he confirmed it was me who had helped the patient, then said, "I will stop you from doing this to our industry". Now that he has stopped the importation of this treatment he can now boast to his patients and colleagues that he has stopped cancer patients from purchasing Essiac in Australia."---M. Costello.

"I have a colleague, Will, who was diagnosed as suffering from Diabetes in August 1994. His reading at the time was 15 but with medication it was stabilised at between 11 and 12. He started taking Essiac immediately, and has been doing so for exactly six months. The last time he went to the hospital for a reading was a week before this was written. The following day he made inquiries about his results. He was told that there had been an error in his testing and that he needed to return for more tests. This he did, but all this test did was confirm the first test was correct. Now the doctors are not certain why, because it is not possible, but his reading ranges from three to five depending on his food and Drink intake.
    Will is quite certain the tests are this low as he tests himself daily. He has been getting these results for a short while."--M. Costello.

Last Christmas I had the pleasure of meeting two very friendly American ladies. At the breakfast   table   in the accommodation where we were all guests, we happened to discuss what we were all doing in the UK many miles from home, and I discussed the many uses I had seen made of Essiac. The ladies were so interested that I went to my room and got them a bottle of Essiac. This they kept and took back to the United States. Three weeks later, I was visiting the Canadian head office, and was told one of these ladies was on the phone. She told me that her travelling partner had suffered for a long      time      from      Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had taken Essiac for one week and the pain had completely gone. She was ringing to get some more urgently. My most recent discussions with this patient showed that they benefit most from large quantities of Essiac, and reducing the intake caused some pain to return.

An elderly relative who had been a diabetic for many years started taking Essiac. Diabetes causes circulatory problems in patients and there are many people who have lost limbs as a result. This man had had no feeling in his feet or legs below the knee since 1979, sixteen years. He had been known to stand on nails on a building site with no knowledge of the injury he had sustained. After ten days of taking large quantities of Essiac he could feel the texture of the carpet on the floor and distinguish hot and cold. Both were believed impossible. On his next visit to his podiatrist to have a sore under his foot treated, the podiatrist said it looked better them it had since he started treatment. It was not weeping and the wound was healing. This wound was treated regularly but had got progressively worse, and the hole bigger, over the four years of treatment."--M. Costello.

"My personal experience is that it does work for me. I am sitting at my computer today with all of my left and right lungs intact because of my addition of essiac tea to my vitamin/herbal therapy in September 1997. I was correctly diagnosed with a high grade form of sarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytoma in 10/94. I had an excisional biopsy in 4/93 incorrectly diagnosed as benign. Then in 10/94 had a radical resection/limb salvage surgery to remove a 7 cm. tumor from behind my left knee. Then I had 33 radiation treatments as follow-up to prevent recurrence at surgical site. Since then, I've had CT's of chest every 3 months and MRI of left leg every 3 months. All were stable until September 1997. CT of chest in 9/97 showed 6 to 10 lesions in my left and right lungs. I was scheduled for a bilateral thoracotomy December 1, 1997 and told I had a year, at the most 2 to live. In September 1997, I added 2 ounces of essiac tea twice a day to my repetoire of vitamin and mineral supplements. In November 1997, I had a follow-up CT of chest prior to scheduled surgery to ascertain doubling rate (growth rate) and to look for other metastic lesions. November 1997 CT showed only 2 growths so surgery was postponed. First week of January 1998 had another CT of chest which was totally CLEAR of metastatic lesions. My team of 13 doctors tells me, "it is unheard of in any medical or clinical data for lung mets from MFH sarcomas to disappear," "the hand of God is at work here (from oncologists and thoracic surgeons, no less!), "there is no explanation for what has happened. You are a miracle!" So, is it essiac tea? You can bet I believe in my heart essiac tea is a large part of my story. So, go ahead and deluge me with nasty letters if you like. I'm a living, breathing, HAPPY testament to the benefits of essiac tea. My three children, ages 13, 12 and 10, all hammer me all the time "Mom, drink your tea.". Sharon Mickey"

"In January 1995 the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Canberra made the following statement "Essiac has become known in the treatment of cancer. Because of this Essiac will be classified as a drug, required to go through the normal testing that drugs go through and the results of the research submitted to the Australian Medical Association for their approval. It is illegal from this date on to supply give use import or export Essiac in Australia. Please notify us within 7 days all the above requirements have been enacted. (Good news travels fast amoung cancer sufferers, and thousands were successfully. Queensland was the biggest area of use, news of its successes going like a bushfire. Unfortunately doctors complained about being lobbied to use the tea, and got active to stop it.) A patient (a nurse with breast cancer) who was informed they were not able to purchase the herb tea any more wrote giving their case history and medical records to her member of parliament John Howard (leader of the opposition and now Prime Minister)...

Another who had been told he could no longer purchase sent his MP records of recovery from TERMINAL lung cancer in 4 months. His files are all on the net... Others wrote too. Essiac is still banned in Australia. Now an interesting asside. The head of the Therapeutic Drug Administration made the statement that Essiac would never be sold in Australia again under any circumstances. She had a very unusual surname, and some time later when discussing registering another product she was that company's advisor, recommended for her experienced in the field of registrations. We got to discussing Essiac and some of the case studies that had come to light. 2 years after these events a man called asking where he could obtain Essiac. He had a form of cancer that was 'not responding to medical treatment. He had this same very unusual surname. After enquiry as to his relationship, he said she was his sister in law who had had the product banned. He of course was not able to purchase the product that could have saved his life thanks to her efficient work at the department, and she knew it could, that is why she gave her brother-in- law the phone number, to help save his life! As to the replies from the MP's about Essiac. Well luckily we didn't hold our breath. With current members of parliament such as the doctor who is a compulsive liar who resigned as Australian Medical Association President to help run the country instead I doubt we will ever see a change in the laws in Australia."—M. Costello.