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Is the UN Redefining Pedophilia? (April 20, 2012)
April 20, 2012

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From: StJudesProjectForHomelessYouth
To: Wendy Wright
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 7:22 AM
Subject: May I share something with you? Wendy , thanks for your org's work to stop Sex Rights for 10 year olds and up through UN

I was at a homeless youth facility in Toronto Canada and was introduced by the head of it to a Reverend to the Toronto Metropolitan Police force and when we left at the same time, out of no where, he turned to me and stated, "Can you believe that the UN passed a law that the age of consent is 9 yrs of age?"

I was flabbergasted because of his sudden and sharp question and of course the question's content. I said, No. And we continued on in our seperate directions. That was about 15 years ago.

I told the a top human rights lawyer about this law and he said that he didn't believe it because the UN does not pass laws and for me to produce a document on this 9 years of age.

This 9 years of age consent plagued me and I searched the net periodically for years for that document to no avail.

Then about 3 years ago, I was introduced to an individual via a friend that had returned to Canada from SAfrica and was in the military defence establishment where he successfully developed lazer and electro magnetic weapons that was used to cause airplanes to crash including civilian airplanes.

Given these were state secrets, he had top security clearance and was privy to information about coming changes that the governmentt would be preparing for.

He told me, again out of nowhere, "Do you know that the UN passed a law that the age of consent is 9 years of age?"

I responded, "No, but you are the 2nd person to tell me this in the last 15 years. Where can I find the documentation on this?"

He said, "I don't know, search the UN sites."

I told him, "I did but I could not find it anywhere I searched."

Now, fast forward to this week

A Knights of Columbus member sent me your org's Friday Fax promo of your org with the 10yr of age on it.

I believe at this point that there are persons of ill intent in the UN that have an unspoken agenda but "you know them by the fruits that they bear." My belief is that a UN adjunct did pass the 9yrs of age of consent and that the current work your org is doing is just part of a game they play with
outside groups. How could 2 persons in 2 incredibly far apart locations state the exact same issue? Neither have an agenda related to this issue, and God knows that one a Reverend and one a creator of death weapons cannot be deemed to be cut from the same cloth and therefore colluded to tell me the same thing on this singular issue of 9 years age of consent.

I was in Cuba and did activism there to my and my pregnant wife's detriment, and I have done the activism in 22 countries in the world, and everywhere I go is 2 organizations that lead the entry of the UN new world order application of singular laws globally…..UNESCO and UNICEF. UNESCO funds the restorations of the cultural centers in each country and in accepting UN funds there are agreements in which the country must accept and implement UN laws (policies?) probably under contractual law. This includes liberalizing laws on homosexuality as I seen in Cuba and I interfaced with the gay community in Santa Clara City as I have a counselling in Human Sexuality background and I met a counsellor to this community and the prostitutes.

The credibility of the 2 people that told me and what I have seen in these foreign countries by the UN bring me to fell certain that the 9yr old consent agreement exists, perhaps your org's contacts in UN could produce this if they were asked quietly, so to speak.

As you may know, the Premier of the Province of Ontario, Canada, announced approx 1 year ago that sex education would begin in grade 1 which is 6 years of age and this would include that homosexuality is a life style choice….there was such an uproar that it was withdrawn…..I believe that powers above him had him announce this to measure public reaction and if it was largely mute then it would have been tabled as legislation thereafter.

I suggest that your org would be benefitted by connecting up with Dr Reisman that is activist on like topics and worked with the FBI and is formost at exposing Dr Kinsey as a pedophilia promoter having brought prisoners to have sex with children as young as 6 mths of age to
prove that children enjoy sex with adults:

you may share information that is not readily available in the mainstream sources of information such as the American Psychological Association which is a small group of psychologist is pushing to have the age of consent dropped to 6 years of age Discussions about adult-child sex are appearing in professional journals, including a special issue last month of the AmericanPsychologist, a journal of the American Psychological Association (APA).

I attended a presentation by a U of Toronto professor on pedophilia before the Sex Education Information Counsel of Canada S.E.I.C.C.A.N which I am a long term member of and pedophilia is being redefined by academics.

Adult child sex - the grey area?

She applauds a Dutch age-of-consent law that permits adult sex with a child ages ... The American Psychological Association is once again coping with the …

Rind et al. controversy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Rind paper has been quoted by age of consentreform organizations in support ... The paper was first published by the American Psychological Association ...

Dr Reisman can fill you in on the American Psychololgical Association being a fringe group in spite of the name but people fall for big long names as credible.

God help our children and their children to be safe from what is being implemented.

JimVella, President, St. Judes Project For Homeless Youth

On 2012-04-19, at 2:12 PM, Wendy Wright wrote:


Thanks for your inquiry. Tim Herrmann, who wrote the Friday Fax that you e-mailed about, is tied up in UN meetings right now.

Attached is the draft document for CPD that discusses sexual rights for youth (for example, PP3 quint) and defines young people as ages 10 - 14 (PP5).

Wendy Wright
Interim Executive Director