Richard Hoagland

[Controlled opposition, NASA employee 1.]

[vid] Science proves that NASA faked the moon landings - Moon landing Hoax

Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a New World Order!

'Sincle the faked moon landings in 1969 NASA has moved onto faking Mars landings with the 1976 Viking, 1997 Pathfinder, and 2007 Phoenix.  Right after 'landing' they got straight to work photo shopping the famous 'Face on Mars,' Martian pyramids, and the supposed Martian city of Cydonia.  NASA shills like Richard Hoagland and Steven Greer have ever since been propagating the idea that this and other 'evidence' proves the existence of extra-terrestrial aliens.  Just like the faked Moon landings, however, their science fiction 'Mars' landings are utter bold faced lies.' 
The Flat Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay

Do you remember when Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock were showing up on all the radio talk shows and telling about the 'secret underground chambers' on the Giza Plateau?   I was only mildly interested at the time because it was pretty clear that these guys were pimping a sponsored agenda, as Hoagland clearly also does.  What astonished me is that these guys are all in the same foundering vessel (theosophy/masonry) and Edgar Cayce is part of that, too. .......'The Nine' are allegedly the nine 'gods' of ancient Egypt and Puharich and Hurtak, along with Hoagland, Hancock, Bauval and a host of other fakers are evidently motivated to 'help them return to earth.'  Or at least they were until the turn of the millenium. .......The ones who pump out volumes of 'free' material on the internet are usually CIA, NSA, MI6 or Mossadomite employees, rather.  Puharich got most of his money from teh CIA, as does Hurtak.   The others I mentioned sell books but the material in them is awfully shakey.  Hoagland relies on charisma but he uses the same material to base his freakshow on Good target: Sinister Pyramid in Toulouse