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Post Rick, the Free Energy Guy 
I probably posted a few months ago about having met Rick and toured his little factory after Carol had befriended his wife.  It was obvious to me that he was a couple of steps away from replicating with Muller did in the late 1980s (creating an inexpensive, marketable magnet-powered engine)

It was also obvious that he's not going to reach that goal until he gets clear of Bedini, who is sabotaging him every day.  Rick joined Bedini's forum, years ago, and is the guy who took Bedini's underwhelming device and turned it into a viable, over-unity battery charger.  When Rick moved to Coeur d'Alene, Bedini followed him and schmoozed him into being his slave, strange to tell.

The Chinese know this, which is why they're trying to persuade Rick to go to China and do this for them. They didn't invite Bedini, who is now sore as hell at Rick Wink

I want a free-energy battery charger for an electric boat motor for my new little seaboat but if he goes to China, instead, that's okay, too.

I'm going to keep the free energy link on the forum until he either gets clear of Bedini and the hidden 'crew' or else goes to China.


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Post Re: Rick, The Free Energy Guy 
A friend and I are thinking of purchasing the small three pole monopole kit to play with. It's nice to have an electrician friend -- I'm slowly learning and teaching my kids as well : )

Would love to hear if any EWers have tried these kits...