Robert Henderson v Tony Blair
Blair, Tony

[2005] The Blairs and their use of the security services for private purposes

[1999] When Tony and Cherie Blair tried to have me jailed   Tony Blair knew that I was circulating copies of my various correspondence with him, Frank Dobson and Diane Abbott to the British media. This correspondence showed Blair to be both arrogant and unwilling to discipline his own MPs, Dobson to be straightforwardly refusing to do his duty as my MP for party and ideological reasons and Abbott to be  abusive and a hypocrite, a very different picture to that of New Moral Labour Party which Blair had assiduously built. Most importantly, I had raised the subject which most surely terrifies the modern British politician, namely,  racism, and as a double blow,  racism within the Labour Party.   The fact that Blair was willing to become involved in criminal prosecutions during a general election election campaign shows vividly how much he feared the consequences of the circulation of my letters.

[1999] Robert Henderson v Tony Blair: A Tale of New Britain by Sean Gabb  The evidence clearly shows that Mr Blair has the moral outlook of a Mafia godfather. He has used the police and the security services to harass his personal enemies. For the same purpose, he has obtained the help of his friends in the media. If any future biographer were to need an example with which to show Mr Blair's full turpitude and unfitness for office, he would find none better than the case of Robert Henderson.