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[2015 Dec] Sacha Baron Cohen donates £670,000 for Syria 

[2012 May] Evil, Madness, and Blind Spots: Two New Books on Psychopathy Leave their Selective Empathy Showing by Kevin Barrett  Sacha Baron-Cohen’s Borat seemed to me to be a walking, talking empathy-deficit disorder. It wasn’t just that he doesn’t give a hoot about hurting the innocent bystanders he films in his stunts and turns into the butts of his jokes (which is sort of what Ronson does too, only Ronson worries about it and tries not to be TOO unfair to anyone except truthers). The problem is that the maker of Borat pretends to give us lessons about the evils of persisting anti-Semitism – yet the whole film is one big, vile, anti-Muslim, anti-Kazak stereotype! Imagine a Muslim filmmaker dressing up as a “stupid, greedy Jew from Israel” and doing a Borat-style comedy in reverse. To say that he’d never work in this or any other town again would be an understatement.