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“CIA” Spokesman Anderson Cooper Sent by Masters to Discredit Independent Sandy Hook Investigations

Jan 2013

The dark cabal is using CNN as a weapon against The People. The attacks on Truth mount by the day as they become more desperate to maintain the illusion of power.

The Sandy Hook coverup is blatantly obvious to US, but not to the average viewer, unfortunately, who thinks the media shares the truth with no bias or agenda. Throw a little NLP into the mix and Presto! Mind control.

Anderson Cooper (known by well researched individuals to be a Central Intelligence Agency operative embedded in within the mainstream media) has seemingly been ordered by his masters to launch a massive disinformation campaign (cover-up) of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

In fact, Cooper uses many intelligence agency tactics during the broadcast in question that aired Tuesday on CNN’s —  Anderson Cooper’s 360, including various straw man arguments.

Anderson Cooper starts out the segment trying to discredit “internet conspiracy theorists” but this in itself is a straw man argument as most reports and/or comments on the Internet are just calling for more evidence to be presented publicly for a more in-depth open investigation.

Another skill set Cooper is proficient with is Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which was taught to him likely during his internship at the Central Intelligence Agency.

During the show, Cooper attempts to discredit the internet in totality, essentially claiming that his show, CNN, and the mainstream media (televised) are the end all say all of everything and that anything on the Internet is nonsense.

However, one simply knows this is not true as a general consensus from real people can be seen across the internet along with independent reports and other open investigations. (not funded by mega corporations)

What Cooper fails to mention to his rather reach-less ”duped” audience at CNN are the real hard facts.

He mentions none as he carries on and on with straw man arguments, literally mentioning in a previous broadcast that he doesn’t even know what the word “duped” means.

The corporate controlled media expects you to just believe the official story and turn in your guns like good little slaves, which is a whole other issue intertwined into the recent shootings.

Here is a short list of hard facts ignored by Cooper and his non-investigative, incapable staff as well as the rest of the mainstream media as they continue to push for censorship by insinuating that internet rumors are hurting the victims families and that essentially the Sandy Hook School Shooting needs no more looking into.

  1. No surveillance footage was released from inside the school
  2. No retraction that the car they said was Adam Lanza’s was regressed to a one Christopher Rodia
  3. No mention that evidence and investigations have been sealed for 90 days by a State Superior Judge regarding Adam Lanza and his alleged mother
  4. No mention by the media that a Active-Shooter Drill was indeed taking place 14 miles down the road and at a nearby firehouse where most of the news footage was shot
  5. No mention by the press that Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police has been involved in multiple Active-Shooter Drills
  6. No mention of the press that Eric Holder and the Connecticut Governor met two weeks prior to the shooting as part of Operation Longevity
  7. No mention that the Governor admits on TV that he was recently told something like this would happen in his state
  8. No mention of the purple van fleeing the scene with multiple people in it wearing masks and nun outfits confirmed by police audio
  9. No one mentions that a local press agency the Newtown Bee got an interview with Sandy Hook Elementary’s principle the day of the shooting after it took place, however the mainstream claims the principle was shot dead
  10. No mention of the press that memorials and fundraisers were uploaded in advance on several different formats not only limited to Vimeo and twitter but websites as well including CNN’s website where we proved the day on the time date stamp was removed
  11. No children interviewed the day of the shooting heard gunshots
  12. MOST IMPORTANTLY – The shooting has lead to the largest push to limit the 2nd Amendment in the history of the United States

This is only a short list of thing that need explanation, although Cooper and his CIA funded staff would like you to believe that guns are bad and that by questioning facts we are hurting the victims families in some way.

An open independent investigation can be found between the following links: