Music Satanism

Satanic mind control invasion of psy trance


17 June 2011

Hi metacomet - I can't tell you how glad i am to read your post here. i seriously started to think i was the only person in the world who can see what's going on with demonic mind control music.

I am going to start a blog just on this subject because I believe so strongly that we have to do something about this.

I want to give you all some info about my background first so people don't think i'm crazy! What I am going to say is hard to believe - EVEN FOR ME! I still find it hard to believe but I have kinda been forced to believe it now. phew... It still amazes me daily that this could really be happening - but it is.

OK... who am I?

I have studied the occult, magick, witchcraft, world religions such as buddhism, taosim, the qabalah and various systems of psychology and philosophy since i was about 15. I am not and have never been into any kind of black magick and my interest has always been one of spiritual self development. I am a vegetarian and I care about all life forms.

I also have had a very passionate interest in music since a very young age - i started off learning guitar and went on to start making electronic music - i got into techno and later psy trance. I was very into psy trance music and went to a lot of parties and festivals from the late 90's to recently.

I am also a a qualified scientist.

OK - so now I'm going to tell you exactly what I have experienced over the last few years concerning 'satanic mind control music':

Firstly let me just say that I personally think that the word 'satanic' is wrong and it should be labelled 'demonic'. The reason i say that is because 'satan' is a christian invention and i personally dont want to limit myself to one religious viewpoint. demonic however is a universal term relating to evil forces.

I first started hearing strange samples in psy trance music 2 or 3 years ago and recenty it seems to have flooded the scene. this is a covert cia operation designed to destroy the psy trance community and turn it into a demonic f**ked up scene. It is very sad.
I used to go to parties and people would dance have fun, laugh, be happy and above all - have spiritual experiences - through dance and trance. i think that the cia felt that the psy trance community was getting too big and out of their control - so they decided to demonify it - turn it bad.

I started to hear samples (recordings) in the music of people screaming - people being tortured.
Now I want to make clear here - that I am also very psychic and i can tell when someone is lying to me - or acting very easily. When i hear these screams - more often than not - they appear VERY REAL. They are not samples taken from movies or something - they are actual sampled recordings of real people being tortured - for somebody elses sick pleasure.
Yes, I find this hard to believe too - but unfortuneatly i think this really is the truth.

In recent years i went to a couple of big psy trance festivals and they had a seperate stage devoted to only what they now call 'dark psy trance'. There were inverted pentagrams around the stage and they played this demonic torture music for hours.

The really strange thing is that some people sont seem to hear the sounds of screams or torturing. A few times I have been with friends in their house and they are playing some tunes - when I point out that there was a sample of someone screaming and they tell me they can't hear it.!!!

I pointed this out to them 2 years ago - and then I recently went to a party they organised and there were a few dj's - they ALL played this sick music. but this time i heard many tracks that were just SO CLEAR - samples of screaming and people crying and being tortured. SO FU**ING CLEAR AS DAY. HOW can they do this. and they just sit there and let it be played - as if they can't hear it.

I just don't know what to do now - even my friends seem to be sucked into this sicko bull**it.

And I have to say that it is NOT JUST in psy trance. I have heard it in a much mre subtly way in many pop tracks. Very very famous artists sometimes have little samples of screams in their tracks.

ONCE YOU HAVE heard it - you will hear it over and over.


I am going to start a blog, a petition or something to have these samples investigated - find out where they are coming from.

BUT how could an investigation be started? would the police actually investigate this? They would just say I am crazy wouldn't they?

my blog is here - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact me if you can help or have any information - Together maybe we can stop these freaks from hurting anyone else.