Satanic & Nazi Symbols on New German ID Card

December 12, 2011

 Satanic male-female symbolism on the new German ID card)

The new German ID card is an open acknowledgement
of the de-facto Fourth Reich, carried through under
the auspices of the Illuminati.

by Edgar Th. Portisch

Most people in Germany were more or less aware that their new ID cards carried a RFID Chip, which made their ID's identifiable from a distance and probably also from satellites.

Various German researchers then dug a little deeper and found very strange symbols engraved and also within the water-mark.

If Baphomet of Templar fame - in the 12th to 14th century AD - was ever abstractly pictured, then a daemonic entity like the one shown may well has appeared in this form. In any case, so-called "New Templar Orders" of today appear to recognize this abstract face as the daemonic Baphomet.

This follows from research done by Jan Udo Holey (a.k.a. Jan van Helsing) who published various interviews with "Templar Grand Masters".


But the same image, upside down, shows clearly the Masonic torch, within another "torch".


(a very disfigured "German Eagle" with only three "feathers" on each side, that is 6 in all, next to the RFID chip.)

There has always been a suspected strong connection between Masonry and the Templars, in fact various Masonic degrees are affiliated by name and function to this old order. When the Templars were evicted from France in the early 14th century, at least a part of their fleet and many of their men found refuge in Scotland.

One of the oldest lodges of Masonry is the Kilkenny lodge, 14th century, and a few others were also founded in Scotland. Through the Templars, with their long experience and connections in the Middle East, those Masons were introduced to the working of the Grand Lodge of Cairo - which goes back to Egyptian times.

As the Grand Dragon Royal Society of ancient Egypt, a Satanic infiltration of the ancient Egyptian priesthood, developed into the Grand Lodge of Cairo, it is no wonder that suddenly all over Scotland and England the dragon motif shows up - together with dragon-tales, dragon slayers, etc.

Also through the Templars, the ancient symbolism of India and the Far East was introduced into Europe. The new German ID card bears witness of this.

To find this symbolism on a German document is indeed astounding, as if the Nazi era had gone by without a trace.

But of course the sorcerers who implanted the chip and the other symbolism on this official ID did not think of Nazi Germany. They saw this as perfectly in line with Illuminati philosophy, with the secret lodges of the 'Solar Temple', with Grand Orient Masonry, and so on. A very open acknowledgement of the de-facto 4th Reich and its equally de-facto NWO, carried through under the auspices of what I call "The Global Consortium".

The blatant symbolism points to the unashamed admittance of a truly Satanic order, bound together through various secret societies, that is actively pursuing the global agenda.

Why it feels that it has to expose itself in so open a fashion, I cannot say. To impress the people and cause them to be afraid ? Or, maybe, because somewhere in their black hearts they know that evil is at best merely a catalyst, and has never existed longer than the cycle of time that allowed for it to manifest - in that case, they act out of fear.


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