Secularism Is State-Sponsored Satanism

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Every word spoken or action carried out by an individual is en expression of that person's spirituality.

Our internal 'moral order' or 'ethical culture' basically defines us.

It directs all we do.

So it is for 'The State' which is a manifestation of our collective selves.

We have been conditioned to think of the idea of the 'separation of Church and State' as a good thing (maybe it is, maybe it isn't) but The State and its Spirituality cannot be separated whatever we like to think. One is an expression of the other.

Only 50 years ago or less the vast majority British people would have described our culture as 'Christian'. Today it is defined using terms like 'secularism', 'liberalism', 'equality', 'multiracial', 'humanitarian'.

It seems to me, looking back into history as far as the 'Dark Ages' and before it, that the spirituality of the State could always be best described as Satanism. Wars promoted by the rich and powerful have always been the order of the day. The Church in a previous age, and now our 'humanitarianism', have always happily provided the 'moral' pretext for the slaughter of innocents.

So, everything that is the opposite of what we naturally recognise as true spirituality (i.e. Love, Truth, Justice, Peace and Beauty) dominates the human landscape.

However much the Christian Churches have supported the Satanism of the State (and they continue to do so) there have always been the gospels and the words of Christ to shame them. "Turning the other cheek", "Overcoming evil with good" and "Loving your enemies" a constant troubling condemnation coming from the depths of the Church's Judas mind.

This is why Christ must be erased from the collective mind. Why the teaching of the gospels and non-secular assemblies are discouraged in schools, why Christ is continually junked in the mass media.

Let us be clear about this. The God Christ revealed to mankind was a perfect God of Love, Truth etc. Satan is the opposite of these qualities.....Lies, War, Injustice, Ugliness and human indifference to the suffering of others.

Satan remains 'Prince of this world' and Secularism, Liberalism, Humanitarianism, Diversity and Equality are his new watchwords.

We will have eternal war because we are so humanitarian (i.e. because we love everybody so much and we stand by our principles so firmly).

We will have diversity so that there will exist no cohesion between people save that of the ruling Satanists.

We will have secularism to destroy the idea of Christ and the very idea of God in the minds of the people.

We will have equality of all peoples under the tyrannical rule of the elite imposing that bogus equality.

We will have liberalism so that we can obey Satan's Commandment and 'do as thou wilt'. We must satisfy our animal passions and continuously distract ourselves from our true inner light.

So, to be clear (and this blog, admittedly, specialises in stating the obvious):

The very word 'secularism' (implying religious impartiality), is a fraud.


It is a concept that has been devised by clever deviants to mislead us. It is a mechanism for transferring (bogus) moral authority into the hands of very wicked people indeed.

New 'generational war' in Africa, anyone?