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 Seeing Death Orgone 

The first time I gathered metal shreds on Halloween to make orgonite I overheard an employee say, "Why is a clown going through our trash?"  I have used disguises, and mind-shielding tricks ever since to avoid having "them" waiting for me.  Once I put makeup on, pulled up the sweatshirt hood, and walked around throwing tb's around an ethnic minority jail. Dangerous neighborhood to walk in, especially as I still looked pretty silly and different.
  I learned to take orgonite blaster devices (from CT Buster) and take the battery out of my cell phone, after driving up on isolated mountain tops several times - and discovering a white van already there tinkering with towers. Beyond coincidence...
 When Don told me that he'd thrown tb's out the window while driving in front of a patrol car on the freeway, I tried it out and discovered it was true. But I made sure I used a careful wrist flick, keeping my arm totally in the car, and didn't hit any nearby cars!  I travel all over my region gifting towers along the freeways, hiking up to mountain tops that aren't fenced off.
  The first time I gifted a Haarp array, it started raining immediately. Our area had been in a 15 year drought, and that winter it snowed all winter long, replenishing the water table.  Skeptical family became convinced I wasn't crazy, and agreed to go along on some 4-wheel drive gifting trips.
  When a friend asked about "seeing" ropes of dark smoke going down the sides of towers, I realized that was what grounded orgone looked like. Squinting my eyes, sometimes scanning my eyes back and forth, I learned to see which towers were gifted and which weren't.  Once I saw great clouds of dark smoke puffing horizontally, and thought maybe it was a diesel truck. Surprise- it was a new tower.  When I saw other previously gifted towers "leaking" ropes of dark smoke in the same direction, I began to believe they were linked up. My guess, considering the return of the drought along with some unusual tornadoes, was the links are designed to really mess up the weather.
  Every time I drove past a particular Haarp (some of these things are right in the middle of cities, easy access) I could see out of the corner of my eye that a horizontal cloud was reaching out not very high off the ground. I had to go back and re-gift one several times, sneaking around through the woods. Sometimes I go out at night and even drive with lights off.
  I'm very paranoid of retaliation--but I do it anyway. I know that distance viewers have watched me, because they were waiting at very isolated locations. The retaliation has been brutal at times, from sending identical nightmares at the same time to myself and other family members, to killing a pet through black magic. How do I know? For one thing I'm not the only one who has experienced this. But as I was praying for the soul of my pet I psychically saw a pair of red eyes toward the east, very frightening. I thought I was imagining until a psychic friend admitted seeing the same red eyes.  I really don't care whether anyone thinks I'm crazy, or paranoid.  I couldn't understand why "they" would retaliate so ruthlessly until Don reminded me that I had essentially ruined millions of dollars of death orgonite.  Well, as they say, you may be paranoid- but that doesn't mean they aren't watching you!
  For those of you who process sensory input differently, eg tactile or auditory, try to get a feel for the ungifted towers vs gifted ones. Take a device with you when you go out gifting, and take your battery out of your phone. Try doing multiplication tables in your head when making orgonite and when going out. For me it's kinda scary being the only one gifting in my area (as evidenced by only seeing the towers I got to), but got to do it.

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Seeing which towers are gifted vs. those not for even those who don't see energy is easy.  Non-gifted towers that are generating DOR, when you look at them appear as though there's a fog or distortion field around them - like the visual isn't clear.  Gift them and they get bright and crystal clear looking.  I think anyone can do this.

You may have to "calibrate" yourself by observing non-gifted towers and then gifting them and staying there for the 1/2 hour or so it takes the TB to  neutralize them so you can see the difference but you get the hang of it rather quickly.

Actually "seeing" energy is perhaps a different matter.