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[vid] Disturbingly Creepy! Serena Williams(Athletes) on Mind Control Sports illuminati Exposed 2015

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I've been researching Serena Williams, and its certainly looking a bit fishy.
Obviously I can't prove anything, but from what I've been reading, it indicates to me that Serena is a programmed athlete (Tiger Woods style) and programmed sex slave, and tied up with eugenics. It seems her father programmed her and Venus from an early age, Serena to be a ruthless tennis winner. It seems she has 'played ball' () with the elite, up to 2010, where there was an incident where she lost it at a tennis match, and it was 'fixed' that she lost the game. The judge made a wrong call, Serena called her on it, the other judges took another point away to steal the match from her. When that happened she was respectful to the opponent for a well fought game and left without incident.
Following this over 2,000 articles were put out to the world in every single language calling her "crazy" and demanding an "investigation" into her violent death threats that could be ruled criminal and land her in jail!
Seems at that time, she had stepped out of favour with the elite for some reason, and they turned on her (as they do... a method of controlling their pawns.)

Then in 2010, she accidently cut her foot and whipped in for 'treatment', and I found this article:
(The original is here, but I cant get it to work )

But I found a copy here

Serena Williams: Criminal induction into eugenics $ mind control programming.
Tennis star Serena Williams was recently induced into the hospital via surgical medical phenomena. Immediately thereafter, the article attached behavior modification picture and mind controlled video erupted.

Based on research enclosed, questions need to be answered. Where is the real Serena Williams? Is the real Serena Williams dead or alive? Who is the scandalous imposture? Was Serena Williams induced into the hospital for patterned, replicated, unregulated, eugenic, mind control programming, injection induced micro-chipping, behavior modification implants and injection dependency for eugenic programming? Was Serena Williams criminally cloned? Has Serena Williams been criminally inducted into the United States of America’s unregulated psychological warfare programming? You be the judge!

Foremost, many Serena Williams fans, including this author, have always admired Ms. Williams for her God-given tennis expertise, talent and skills. She has always represented herself in a most refined and distinguished manner. Unfortunately, after her induction into eugenics including the below documented emergency surgeries, her appearance, behavior, and overall mannerism and practices changed to a scripted eugenic image, exploiting her body over her talents. Please see the video and slide show attached to this article.

Not even one month after Serena William’s so call emergency surgeries, her image via eugenic mind controlled behavior modification, changed to the manifestation of a slave master image, whereas her body is being exploited over her exemplary God-given gifts as a tennis expert.

Serena William’s overall recent behaviors and look in the above video and slide show exemplify the ramifications of someone victimized by unregulated eugenic human research experimentation via non-consented, criminal, mind control and behavior modification implanting and programming.

Most mind control victims have no idea that they were put into a government sponsored mind control psychological programme. Immediately after the premeditated induced hospitalization, the victims simply do things they cannot explain. Thereafter, a host of criminal and medical events are inflicted in their lives.

To this end, the purpose of this article is to educate. Please pray for Serena William’s health and recovery back to the decent public image she has gracefully displayed all of her life prior to the criminal induction into eugenics.
She seemed to go through a change then, and was back 'in favour'.
This ad was made and banned from tv.

click here to watch the video

Got her boobs done

She did a nude shoot

And then there's all the animal print beta prograamed sex slave clothes that Emerald pointed out. Why would she need to act all sexy and sell herself out like a whore, when shes one of the top tennis players of the world? Why would she need to do that? money - i dont think so. Perhaps because shes got a programmed sex alter and is made to do it (controlled)

Other possible strange goings on
Serena and sister Yetunde Price

Their sister was shot in 2003 - possible sacrifice?

Serena for buy life campaign


One of the comments underneath are
Lol, this campaign is about eugenics, which is world population control. These celebrities are adherents to that doctrine, which involves the mass extermination of certain of the darker races through germ warfare. People like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are outspoken proponents of eugenics, which is why Jay-Z and LeBron James are under their tutelage. Most of these black people in entertainment are pawns and too stupid to know what they’re being used for, but some of the celebrities who have been “enlightened” for a certain period of time and are at a high level are fully aware of what the agenda is. Some of them; like the Smith siblings, Usher, Alicia Keys, etc. are Monarch children who are under mind control and bugged out of their minds. Others, like Swizz Beatz, are just simple-minded hood negroes that sold their soul for fame. That is the point of the barcode on their shirt, which represents the UCC code or maritime merchantry, which itself is code for the mark of the beast and will be encapsulated in what is known as the RFID chip. All people will be forced to take this chip at some point in the future or be put to death (Revelation 13:16-18). This is why the slogan is “Buy Life” lol & smh.