[2010 April] Polish plane crash  Assassinations

Seven mysterious deaths

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Never before since 89 does not have died in mysterious circumstances in just half a year so many Poles who were or have become public figures. In most cases, they were outstanding experts in their field. They were men of energetic, creative, very talented. They were patriots.

Seven mysterious death

The righteous perishes,
And no one that does not care.
Godly people are disappearing,
And nobody pays attention.
So that's lost a fair,
And he leaves the room to take
Isaiah 57, 1-2

Ladies and gentlemen! Smolensk is a tragedy not only 96 victims of the delegation to Katyn, it is also the mysterious death of persons associated with the tragedy. Events occurring now in Poland. We all know the Lodz murder. Media spoke about it because I had to, but not for developing or inconvenient for mainstream topics.

Widespread silent but collapsed against other victims where the perpetrator no longer show up as in Lodz, but everything happens as if they were accidents.

But please you in case if you believe there is one, and when the investigation is conducted fairly, and even proponents of the thesis that in Smolensk was nothing more than an error of Polish pilots, plus pressing the President or General Błasik, during the interview did not dare to say that the series of mysterious deaths after 10 April and connecting with them earlier death Michniewicz Gregory, head of the office of President, the former cases.

Gregory Michniewicz. The first victim. Director General of the Prime Minister's Office. A person with the highest status of access to classified information. His supervisor was Thomas Arabic. He died in mysterious circumstances on December 23 the same day when the Polish Tupolev returned from repair. According to the official version, committed suicide by hanging on the cable. Previously, however, there were no indications of such a state. Just before the putative suicide calls to his wife, arranging to meet the next day, sends text messages to friends. People who knew him say as he did not have any depression or suicidal tendencies. After his death in the media, yet so sensational, amazing silence falls.

Bishop Mieczyslaw Cieslar. The second victim. Ginie18 April in a car accident. He was to be succeeded by Fr. Adam Pilch, Acting Chief of the Evangelical Chaplain of the Polish Army, who died in Smolensk. Bishop Mieczyslaw Cieslar was a specialist in surveillance environments Protestant subjects by the SB. According to some sources, after the crash received a call from Fr. Pilch. After his death, so amazing when a few days after the crash killed the main successor to the military chaplain, the media falls into a deafening silence.

Zielonka cryptographer. The third victim. Delay in a state of decay were harvested from the Vistula River on 27 April. A year earlier, cryptographer Zielonka officially missing. The body was in a state of decay, and documents with him perfectly preserved. It was an important person in the Polish history. He had access to the most secret materials in the possession of the Polish government. The skilled worker who trained others, one of the best in the country. Knew the channels and methods of transmitting secret information. Despite the fact that the matter should have stepped up vigilance highest state authorities, and despite the fact that the distribution remains perfectly preserved conflict with the documents - found himself. Dociekały not mainstream media.

Christopher Knyż operator "Facts" TVN. The fourth victim. He has worked with W. Bater. According to information given casually by TVN died June 2. Unclear messages spoke briefly about the disease. International press wrote that he was murdered in his own apartment. According to some sources, he filmed an emergency landing at Smolensk airport Tupolev what he had to show live news channel. The fact is that television content from the first moments, when it was not yet known what happened and just before the disaster disappeared. The death Knyża in the media was and is quiet.

Professor Marek Dulinicz. Outstanding Polish archaeologist. The fifth victim. Killed in a car accident on June 6. The head of the team of archaeologists, who had in June to go to Smolensk. Dulinicz was the originator of the expedition, but also an active person in trying to leave.
At this point, you only remember what he looked like a fatal car accident Valerian Panki head of the Supreme Chamber of Control of the early 90's. The tires were drilled hundreds of tiny holes that only when the car drove at high speed, resulting in falling into the turmoil created in the slip. That day, the driver drove President Pańko rate of 150 / h. That they could not, could not perform ordinary gangsters. This knowledge reserved for services. After the death of Professor. Dulinicza as well as in the earlier cases on this issue is silence

Dr. Ratajczak. The sixth victim. It is not associated directly with the tragedy of Smolensk, but the person can not be separated from its effects. Dr. Dariusz Ratajczak corpse in a state of decay found 11 June 2010 in a car parked at the shopping center Karolinka in Opole. Witnesses say that the previous day's car in the parking lot was not. Municipal Headquarters in Opole discontinued the investigation despite the fact that the police themselves said that the death occurred 3-4 days earlier. Dr. Ratajczak was expelled from the university after the publication of a book in which he quoted some authors challenging the part of the arrangements for the Holocaust. It was preceded by the Opole unleashed beaters "Gazeta Wyborcza". This involves the death of the activities included Mossad agent shortly thereafter. The fact is that after April 10 there was laxity of domestic services and the increased activity of agents. Dariusz Ratajczak death and clearly demonstrates the effect of so-called. unknown perpetrators. About his death - silence.

Minister in the Government Law and Justice Eugene Sparrow. The seventh victim. Went missing on October 15. Dismembered corpse was fished out of the Lagoon Rybnik. A distinguished expert in aviation matters. One of the few of such knowledge in Poland. Outstanding specialist computer systems for aircraft flight control. Specialist precision of satellite navigation for aviation. Expert aviation regulations of the national and European legislation. Initiator of the creation of Upper Silesian Aviation. In the years 1998 - 2001 participates in drafting aviation law. These are just some of the competencies and achievements minister Wrobel. He is allegedly murdered by a crazed son. Family min. Sparrow family, however, is exemplary - no conflicts. The Son is not betraying any mental disorder never initially pleads guilty, then denies it. It is not taken into custody and subjected to psychiatric observation by the law as it is in the case of murder, only one conversation with the expert, who says his total insanity, the resort is closed for the mentally ill. Apparently completely insane dismembered corpse saw his father, but in the room where he was to be done is not the slightest trace of macabre act. Completely insane son in an ideal manner, which would be very difficult for a person balanced, cleans the room. Minister Sparrow from the beginning, he said in private conversations that the wreck is a wreck Siewiernym Tupolev which had to fly our delegation. Persons for which such information about the conviction min. Wrobel surprise and doubt that we'll add it in a recent Anthony Maciarewicz feuilleton radio said the plane did not hit the ground and it looks like at most scattered in the air. The minister was a member of the Sparrow Maciarewicza. These hideous mutilation of corpses, some consider it a warning: "You see, you question the official findings disaster, as the minister finished Sparrow." After his death there is silence, by which the more easily that it is carried out the murder of Marcus Rosiaku, employee parliamentary office in Lodz. Some combine the two by claiming that the death of death Rosiak was loud to distract public opinion from the Minister Wrobel.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Never before since 89 does not have died in mysterious circumstances in just half a year so many Poles who were or have become public figures. In most cases, they were outstanding experts in their field. They were men of energetic, creative, very talented. They were patriots.

(Note has been prepared to the Warsaw radio broadcast Dawn and April 10. I leave it to this form)