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Another "unknown" victim of the pharmaceutical industries; the horseshoe crab.

The horseshoe crab is used to anyone who has received an injectable medication. An extract of the horseshoe crab's blood is used by the pharmaceutical and medical device industries to ensure that their products, e.g., intravenous drugs, vaccines, and medical devices, are free of bacterial contamination.


interesting page layout - "Life" magazine, April 29, 1966.




the Powers of the Ancients - the proof  the ancient Picts could see pollen grains - here is the proof that they could - for they took what they saw and sculpted the images into little stone artefacts.  recorded by the national museum of scotland as religious artefacts - fertility objects for ritual use.    if you doubt this and the fact that it is an illuminati secret that humanity has been interpenetratred over the millennia by non-humans then check out the monstrous sculptures of these fertility artefacts in edinburghs festival square next to the sheraton hotel. in the video - powers of the ancients part 2  they admit their guilty secret by having these pollen grains - male gametes - scattered around a truly monstrous and in natural proportion female egg - with big pentagrams on it.    anciently humans in scotland painted themselves blue with woad to try to imbue themselves with the seeming godlike powers of kirks 'blue men of the minches' or the powers of the hebridean island sect of shapeshifters the maccodrans of the seal.   bluebloods amongst humanity - with real powers - and presumably parked up ships and a handy dragons lair or two to catch up on the latest galactic soaps and imperial news



[January 12, 2014] Barbara Starr and the fake Boston Marathon bombing witnesses  CNN Pentagon Correspondent, Barbara Starr. 

Israeli site shows photo of kids dressed as burning Twin Towers for Purim, upsets everyone



Donnalynn discovered that wheat was destroying her life. Look at her now! Wheat Belly is changing the world of health and nutrition. Donnalynn: "I started wheat-free January, 23. Took about a month of withdrawal, slips and slides.  I have lost 23 pounds, tummy flatter. No longer have rashes or hives. Sinuses clearing up. Fogginess and tiredness GONE!! No longer moodiness or what I like to call the Funk. Just an overall WOW! Who knew?!"


Heather eliminated wheat and gluten for celiac disease--look what happened.


Heather: "I use to weigh 275 lbs and now weigh 148 lbs."


Jenn celebrates her Wheat Belly experience with a collage!


Jenn: "11 months in, about 90% wheat free (some may have snuck in or I may have had some here or there.. not gonna lie)


"My face is so much clearer, my skin feels better, my joints don't ache as badly. I'm still having some migraines, but we think those are hormone related. I've been able to take running up again. Life is pretty darn good!"


More youthful, more energetic, no more pain, no longer hungry: the wheat-free life is wonderful!


Stephanie: "Photo on left: February 27,2014 the beginning of the journey wheat-free. Five days of detox under my belt and feeling great.


"Photo on right: Three months later and I could not believe the comparisons. I feel better and my clothes feel better. Pain is almost non-existent, and my energy is great, and sleeping better. Overall, labs are 'normal!' Amazing. Not hungry, and have a better appreciation for my health. I can't wait to see the next three month check. I love this so much! Thank you Dr. Davis. At 60 too!"



Doc: "Early April, 2014 on the left. After cutting out wheat and sugars, following the info found in the book, Wheat Belly, I lost 15 pounds in less than 30 days. My wife lost 10."



Hal Huggins


Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the ubiquitous herbicide Roundup, was originally patented as a chelator back in 1964. It bonds to minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium & manganese and removes them. It was used to clean pipes that had mineral buildup. It is the most widely used herbicide, primarily due to the widespread cultivation of Roundup Ready GMO crops. This leads us to ask... when you spray a chelator on our farmland and our food, how much of the nutrients are chelated from the soil and the crops. Add to that the fact that glyphosate is in our food - and we have to wonder to what extent it is removing vital nutrients from us?! BAN ROUNDUP. LEARN more about Glyphosate & GMO crops:  READ: over 200 Peer reviewed studies that found health or environmental harm from Glyphosate/Roundup:

[2012 June] HOW SWINE FLU WAS INVENTED By Jon Rappoport

[2012 June] HOW SWINE FLU WAS INVENTED By Jon Rappoport

Building with Cob, Pise', Chalk, and Clay. Found on - Living Off the Grid

Fire The Deniers Starting with Dr. Tom Insel: Autism Epidemic Explodes on His Watch

Questions for Dr. Tom Insel from Autism Community

Why IACC's Dr. Tom Insel Must Go

Best of: Examining Dr. Tom Insel's Fine Clothes



[vid] Reptilian Evil News Liars!

[vid] Blade Runner - Harrison Ford Horny Devil!  





This isn't your average marble! It's so sensitive to light that it can harvest moonlight and turn it into electricity. It concentrates both sunlight and moonlight by up to 10,000 times — making its solar harvesting capabilities 35 percent more efficient than conventional dual-axis photovoltaic designs. Read more:

Could Minnesota be the next state to follow the footsteps of Colorado? 

BREAKING NEWS: Sri Lankan President Bans Sale of Roundup on the Heels of Recent Chronic Kidney Disease Study. Sri Lanka has become the first country to ban the sale of Monsanto’s Roundup glyphosate herbicide after the Sri Lankan study found that the herbicide is responsible for the increasing number of chronic kidney disease patients.
This updates the news that was reported last September 2013 when the Sri Lanka Agriculture Ministry banned the import, distribution and sale of Carbaryl, Chlorophyriphos, Carbofuran, Propanil and Glyphosate. Agriculture Ministry Secretary W. Sakalasuriya had said pesticide retailers were permitted to sell the pesticides only through specially trained Agricultural Sales and Technical Assistants and a mechanism was introduced to dispose or recycle empty pesticide bottles in collaboration with the Environment Ministry.
The 2014 directive by President Mahinda Rajapaksa completely bans Roundup from sale in the marketplace.
Direct Link to Study:
(Note: Bhutan is the first country to declare its intent to be all-organic, meaning that they will pursue agriculture without synthetic pesticides - including glyphosate - or synthetic fertilizers country-wide, but Bhutan has not set a firm deadline for this pursuit. Also, El Salvador introduced legislation to ban glyphosate along with many other pesticides, but the law has not been enacted. So Sri Lanka is the first to officially ban glyphosate.

Pakistan has suspended GMO crop licensing. With a changing regulatory regime, many reasons were cited for the suspension: the use of uncertified varieties; inadequate risk assessments such as laboratory and field tests; the protection of biological diversity from the potential risks posed by GM organisms resulting from modern biotechnology; concerns for national security and trade; and the potential of GMOs to be “biological weapons of mass destruction”, which could be used to destroy Pakistan’s major crops such as potato, wheat, rice, corn, cotton and vegetables through modified viruses, bacteria and other parasites. “The bio-safety committee is restrained from issuing any GM organism licenses and the government has been directed to establish a new regulatory regime for the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol," an international agreement which aims to ensure the safe handling, transport and use of living modified organisms (LMOs) resulting from modern biotechnology that may have adverse effects on biological diversity, taking also into account risks to human health.