The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ‘Told Destroy Vaccine Files’

The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary ‘Told Destroy Vaccine Files’

December 7, 2015

by Gary TruthKings

An investigation into child welfare in Ireland has led to what appears to be a potential mass cover up of vaccine injuries (or so we would assume). The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary claim they received instruction from the Irish Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (CICA) to destroy vaccine injury claim files. CICA is denying the charge (because of course they are). The reason we know this claim was made by The Sisters of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is due to the Freedom of Information Act. This all according to the Irish Examiner.

The order made the claim in response to a letter sent by assistant principal social worker Pearl Doyle in August 2014 asking a series of questions in relation to material transferred by the Order to Tusla in 2011. The letter was sent as the Government was proposing setting up an investigation into mother and baby homes.

A total of 23 questions were posed concerning infant mortality, burials, financial records and vaccine records.

Ms Doyle asked the order where the “complete” list of vaccine records are. She also asked how children were chosen, whether the consent of the mother was obtained and, if so, where these consent forms are.

Pay special attention to the “consent of mother” aspect in all of this, which would likely assume a rather heavy liability. There are many reasons why CICA would be motivated to destroy these documents.

“The congregation handed over all records held to the HSE. The congregation were directed by the Commission of Inquiry into the Vaccine Trials in 2013 we believe to destroy all documents in their possession or under their control regarding the trials.”

Again, CICA is fully denying all of this. But where on earth are the documents then? I doubt documents of this great importance just magically disappear and I don’t see why this staff would create such an outlandish fabrication over how the documents came to be missing. They weren’t motivated by publicity because it is unlikely they ever really considered this story would leak in the way that it has. The Irish Government is now in a position to just pretend it didn’t happen by dismissing the claim and essentially burying the claim. We should do our part to make sure this cover up is exposed by sharing this information around the world. We have the power to promote change.

Vaccine injury and consent documentation cover ups are nothing new. The recent CDC scientist going public about autism and vaccine relationships being destroyed is another example. We have to be proactive in paying attention to these perversions of our human rights.