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Twilight  Part 105 - The Sodomite Gateway - Twilight and Hello Kitty, Monarch Fashion with Apple Heart Symbols   A swan is what every ugly duckling hopes to become, and a “bella” swan is a beautiful swan. This character wanted to be transformed into a vampire, and eventually she was. If this was all meant to make kids want to be transformed into cursed soulless creatures who suck blood and life out of endless victims, their efforts have met with success. Some swan, some beauty, right? What a pathetic evil model.  The signaling here indicates how the transformation comes. It's not the biting of the neck but ritual sodomy and sex magick. 
    The heart is also the butt symbol. The sodomite gateway symbolism is supported by the orange color of the text, yes, the witches' traditional high day color. The apple also supports the ritual sodomy symbolism by alluding back to the sin in the Garden of Eden. The Devil knows what happened there, that what most people believe was a bite out of an apple was actually the engagements in sodomy with the nachash that led to the eyes of the man and woman being opened. Read about that in Who is Cain's Father? if this shocking insight is news to you. 
    Bella's dress resembles those worn by the priestesses at the Temple of Hera on Mount Olympus at the ceremonial lighting of the flame. The X shape formed at the breasts is a symbol of the sun god. This declares her service to and ownership by the god honored, Apollo, Horus, the illuminating sodomizer. See Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen standing right behind her. Connect the dots. He's the vampire-handler and proxy. 
    The Twilight series features lots of fighting that displays the psi powers and super powers of the Vampires. Blood drinking and energy sucking mind controlled slaves are usually psi powered and programmed as supersoldiers. The heart-apple squad is literally building an antiBride army in the power of antiChrist. 

Part 68 - The Sodomite Gateway - Orange, Miami Dolphins and Cirque Du Soleil

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