Solange Magnano

Argentine beauty Solange Magnano loses life for a nice bottom

Dec. 2nd, 2009

VANCOUVER — Argentina is crying today after the shocking death of a national beauty who gave the ultimate sacrifice to have a firm bum.

Former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano, 38, died after undergoing cosmetic surgery to tighten her buttocks.

Said Argentine fashion designer Roberto Piazza, who was also a friend of the model: “A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind.”

The operation — termed a gluteoplasty — calls for the insertion of liquid implants that smooth and firm up the buttocks’ outline.

Unfortunately for Magnano, the operation went horribly wrong when it appears liquid leaked from the implants and infected her lungs and brain.

The beauty queen was rushed from a plastic surgery centre to hospital when a clot blocked the supply of blood to her vital regions.

Magnano, who won the Miss Argentina crown in 1994, went to get the procedure done “because she thought it was no big deal,” said associate Guillermo Azar.

Designer Piazza mourned the loss of his friend, saying she had fallen victim to a society which worships physical beauty. He added the model did not need the operation in the first place.

“Narcissism is in its heyday,” Piazza told the Times of London. “She was perfect, she didn’t need any surgery,” he continued. “She took care of herself a lot, went to the gym, had everything in its place, perfect measurements, a divine little waist. Last year she had surgery on her breasts and they came out perfect, but she did not need this butt surgery. It was stupid what she did, I don’t understand it.”

The model’s husband ruled out a medical malpractice suit, although some experts say the surgery was improperly conducted.

Many people from all over the world in search of perfect bodies go to Argentina each year to undergo cosmetic surgery. The country is renown for its cheap, and usually effective, surgical procedures