Stockholm syndrome
Medical mind control  Mind Control Authority

''The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.''----J. Edgar Hoover

[Only Stockholm syndrome keeps Authority, the vaccine show, Gas Chambers, etc on the road; peoples' refusal to wake up and just look.  Never going to happen with Authoritarian followers.]

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Political Mafia

A doctor just posted a comment in the Stop Mandatory Vaccination group and I thought what he had to say was most interesting:
''Vaccines are symbolic of medicine, science, and authority. As such, doctors love them as a child loves a tattered blanket or favorite plaything. Because of the severe abusiveness of the medical training process, most physicians have Stockholm Syndrome and are overly and blindly devoted to the system that abused them, held them captive for 7 years, and then liberated them with new powers and a new identity; I think you can only understand this if you've had the somewhat rare experience of brutal training: being stressed to the limits of your tolerance physically and mentally for months and years on end, and then kept up working hard in situations of complete chaos for periods of 30 hours or more, with complete sleep deprivation, almost no contact with the outside world and sometimes not even seeing daylight for days on end; when your supervising/attending physician commands you to give vaccines, at that point you'll find yourself too exhausted to put up a fight and resist.
    When the hospital demands that you get vaccinated or face threat to your work toward getting your medical license after you've already worked brutally hard for 8-10 years of undergraduate, medical school, and residency... You're basically forced with the decision to jeopardize your entire past and future work (your income, your social status, cultural authority, high-income job security) or simply submit to "the shot." Vaccines, somewhat similar to radiation and chemotherapy, are highly aligned with the religious/German/Victorian/etc idea of "tough love" which justifies harsh treatment and abuse "for your own good. I know this is going to hurt you, but I'm doing this for your own good because I love you. [We are both victims in this process.]"

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