Gang Stalking  Mind Control

Survivor of Mind Control


By Alyssa Couture



These past few years, I was threatened, attacked, abused, and tested psychologically by a group of gang-stalkers who had tried to hurt me. I was targeted, and mind-controlled. I was particularly used and abused psychologically, by a “psycho-analysis” whom actually is a mind-controller, using people as test subjects, to fill her pride, gain fraudulent power, and control people, which are merely only a few reasons she controls, I suspect. She used dark language patterns as an attempt to damage my mind.


 People cannot revolt if they do not peer over the initial surface-like appearance, of life. Language is communication, and one of the most important ways of growing, learning, and living as an individual. When this is being tampered with, and at fault, used against us, this can only lead to severe damage.


The gang-stalkers had violated me in every way, and I have clearly removed these people from my life. The culprit of this mind control and the person that heavily preyed on me, tried every which way to deaden my spirit, exploit my being, and steal my soul.


One of the culprits that was the one whom attacked me, is author Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She was part of the destruction of my spirit, ritually abusing me, using covert technology from afar, and had caused me mental, emotional, and physical illness, the amount of abuse no such soul should ever go through in any lifetime.


The gang-stalkers were a group of 20 or more people, and one of the leaders was Clarissa Pinkola Estes. She is a programmer, a mind-controlled slave victim, that gains all kinds of selfish, corrupt power, through her abusive use of language distortion, and mind-controlled story-telling. I have multiple symptoms and effects from this form of attack by language manipulation, which had dominated my life, stealing my very life force and breath each day.


I am concerned for the population at large, only because some of the most popular, reputable people, in disguise are actually the most sick, spiritless, disheartened, and play a significant role of this mind-control, brainwashing movement. These are people from all walks of life, and they are morbidly scribed into cults, where they attain their power through a type of satanic congregation. That being the author whom had started attacking me, in a covert operative way, gets away with this fowl mess, because people obey her, for the sake of power, greed, and being able to gain control over people.


Her form of written language is a constant cycle of words being administered in a fashion that promotes and creates women and men, to actually not have self-empowerment, and therefore she is the culprit of stealing other peoples power through the way that she conveys her distorted story-telling.


People, at this rate are in a constant state of PTSD, we all have this notion that if we listen to our mind it can be triggered from things learned in the past. When psychologists attempt to trigger and demean a person through evoking stress and more PTSD, this is manipulation, and attack, and a form of repetition, that takes life away.


In George Orwell’s book 1984, he presents clearly that language, virtually the English language in particular can actually be used against man, to deliberately try to mentally damage one’s way of communication. The government is involved with creating illiterate humans, and they do this by taking away our language. Orwell says, “Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past”


Estes, through her various social media broadcasts works with words, scrambling words together, using colors, words, shapes, moods, emotions, repetition, images, symbolism, stories, to constantly evoke a dissociative person, to instill fear, shock, and sick feelings, which is all an unimpressive way, to keep a person enslaved. She uses this form of language for mass control, mass domination, to keep people feeling lowly, and to make people feel weak and sick. She, along with many others do this as a way to feel superior, to feel worthy.


I was attacked to the point where I was completely isolated, I couldn’t even put sentences together. I was verbally, emotionally, and physically abused. I had developed a series of conditions that prevented me from being a functioning human being.


What this implies, is that written communication is expression of freedom, and when this becomes attacked, corrupt, and a fraudulent attempt, to taunt, harass, destruct, and hurt a human being, this then goes against the laws of human expression.


Estes, does just this, She clearly hoards other people’s mental intellect, and in the face of the public, she uses her way of manipulative language, to create a damaged mind. She uses her way of telling stories in a twisted shock value way, to hoard more people, into what she calls her“scar clan”.  Meaning, she attracts people who were already vulnerable to abuse, only to instill more abuse, to create a drone, a paralyzed victim.


This ties in with Project Bluebird, and how many of the psychologists, are getting away and agreeing to instill more abuse, and mental apathy in victims, only because they can’t leave a trace of evidence when a person’s mind is disassociated.


From what I have learned about psychology, is that when a person is being presented things of the past in a mind-controlled way, it is relearning and triggering the situation to be valued in this present moment. There are healthy ways of recovering from abuse, however through power of testing the individual with psychotic thinking, repetition, and reinforcing language manipulation, it actually makes for a brain-dead, powerless individual whom becomes enslaved by the triggers, which is a symptom of mind control.


This article, is not about me personally, for I know this is happening to the masses. This is a mass covert operation, to disempower creative, thoughtful, intellectual people, so that they can become droned zombies, reinforcing a toxic, fascist livelihood.


I am only presenting this information, because I feel through the evil of brainwashing, people are forced to give their power over to undeserving people, whom are actually very sick individuals, whom are trying to survive off another person’s life force. It resembles a dehumanization movement. This goes on each day of our lives, and its a form of hypnotism to be a slave to another soul, through ritual abuse, and most of this is in disguise.


Most people that can get away with this, are those that have given their soul away, in order to gain, negatively. And in this way it results in trying to kill people who are deserving to live.


In Colin A. Ross’ book Bluebird, they have presented the case that through 1950-51, the CIA had a program, that deliberately created mind controlled patients, and created tests and experiments to create multiple personality disorder, and also to attempt to make them Manchurian Candidates.


At the level of how I was treated, and attacked, and psychologically tested, I believe they had hopes of me having an early death. I do not say that I would have gone on the path of being a Manchurian Candidate, however the treatment I was given, had created initial threats to my life, on every level of life, which were aligned with some of the experiments used in Project Bluebird.


These are issues of behavioral science, and how people whom are educated in psychiatry, psychology, are causing more damage through mind control, then if a patient were left to find their own solutions. This kind of technology kills the soul, and again, goes against the spirit of our life.


Language is ancient, and has been here longer than any other technology. On a scale of using dark language patterns, language, words, phrases, can be manipulated confused and negative, which creates subconscious layers of confusion, giving easy access to program an individual.


Symbolism bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight into the subconscious mind. Words, numbers, symbols affect the psyche. Estes promotes the use of symbolism in a sadistic way, trying to contort symbols into an entire spectrum of deadening symbols, creating all toxic symbols and language to be a negative connotation with the her use of controlling, and manipulating, the language.


I present this story as a way for people to navigate and use their intentions of attracting healthy people into their lives. No matter what, you are the sole individual that can obtain health, and no one else has any more of a solution, other than your own power that was given to only you. I am fortunate to say, I have removed myself of the attacks, and have never felt healthier.


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