The True Origins of the Jewish Tefillin and Greek Phylactery    The ancient Greeks had worn in the phylactery a special alchemical stone said to contain one’s soul and used in order to achieve immortality. To the Greeks and Israelites, the phylactery was simply a sacred stone that was worn for its supernatural and healing powers, which would go in line with their ancient religion of gnosis and alchemy. The same can be said about the North American Indians, who like the Apache had actual medicine in the boxes consisting of pine to make the medicines known today as oil of turpentine, and sea shells to make holy limewater.  Hence, today’s Jews wear boxes with bible verses strictly for religious purposes, and the Greeks, Israelites and Indians had worn stones, pine and sea shells for their healing properties and powers to protect the wearer against what some call evil spirits, or what we can simply call today, the devil worm.