Terminator & T-Rx INSTRUCTIONS

Thanks for buying a Terminator or T-Rx zapper. All zappers evidently destroy the entire range of bacteria, viruses, fungi and worms in the body by mildly electrifying their environment: blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, mucus, sweat, urine, intestinal contents and even the inside of the eye.

There are more popular theories that are complex and abstruse but the above is the only one that makes any sense, according to my observations over many years. Modern science theory has generally become like medieval mysticism: the irrational Church of Settled Science.

Zappers are also a lot more effective than even some of our manufacturers seem to realize. Some of them advise odd protocols that are less effective than just wearing a zapper continuously. Our zappers are designed to be worn comfortably under clothing. It can be worn on the shoulder, at the waist above the belt, under a bra strap, in the sock at the ankle, etc. Some attach a large piece of adhesive-backed, hook side velcro to the lid to help it stay in place under clothing. Even the most basic zapper is a powerful curative device when it's used properly. Carol and I developed the Basic Zapper ($35 from for distribution in East Africa, where it routinely cures AIDS, malaria, the deadly fevers and infections, dysentery, deadly snakebite and even elephantiasis. In the future, everyone will use a zapper to stay entirely free of pathogen-caused sicknesses, including cancer.

Put it anywhere on the body. You can zap your pets through their fur and your small children by holding the zapper on them while they sleep. A half hour per session is enough for kids and animals. For children, move the zapper every five minutes or so in case they're acidic. We even zap our horses.

The field effect of our zappers extends about a foot in all directions and this is a benefit of the subtle energy components that produces additional healing and sometimes pain relief in that area. To get rid of the pain of a tooth infection, for instance, wear it on the shoulder that's closer to the tooth.

The skin of the face and throat usually remain acidic even when the rest of the body is properly alkaline, so zapping there may not be comfortable, nor is it ever necessary.

Zapping usually makes one alkaline within a period of time-days to weeks, depending on one's condition at the start. While one is still acidic it's important to move the zapper to another location as soon as it starts to tingle or else the acid in the blood may make a hole through the skin on the way to an electrode. This is why it's important to wear the zapper only on the palm or sole during sleep until one becomes alkaline.

It's impossible to do real harm with any battery-powered zapper because the current is too weak to be harmful. Please disregard the stupefying warnings of the original proponents. I've been making scores of thousands of zappers since the spring of 1996 and have never known of any harm done. You can bet I'd be in prison if one of my zappers ever harmed anyone because this technology directly threatens the global medical/pharmaceutical cartel and they want any excuse to prohibit zappers.

All of our inventions and products are harmless. You can look at some of our related inventions on . We combine the work of Dr Wilhelm Reich and of my own wife, Carol, when developing these tools. Carol has a blog on

There's been a lot of misunderstanding about the application of frequencies in electromedicine. This arose from a misapplication and plagiarism of Dr Royal Raymond Rite's pioneering work.

The main function of frequency in a zapper is to pulse weak electric current onto the skin to induce simple capacitance-a sort of 'bleeding through' of a tiny portion of the current. This very weak, pulsed current, which is only five millionths of an amp when it has gotten through the skin, is more than sufficient to create a vitalizing energy field within all of the body's fluids, which are efficient electrolytes (they conduct electricity well). All species of parasites then evidently lose their skin integrity, as they literally fall out of suspension in the fluids. I think it's similar to how toxic filth that's suspended electrically in the atmosphere falls harmlessly to the ground after a thunderstorm. The apparent capacity of zappers to neutralize toxins in the body probably relates to this principle, too-similar to the way ozone neutralizes toxins.

A low frequency seems to be slightly more efficient for capacitance and we chose approximately 15 cycles per second because this frequency also produces a mild euphoric effect and we believe it slightly encourages healing. Contrary to another popular myth about zappers it's impossible to transfer metal through the skin with zapping and even if it were possible it would be in the form of a nutrient (trace mineral) rather than a toxin. To conduct metal through the skin would require so much electricity that the current would be incredibly painful and you couldn't stand it for more than an instant. I suggest that if any popular scientific theory makes no sense it ought to be discarded. Electromedicine was introduced in the mid-1990s along with a boatload of misinformation and groundless recommendations, I think because the first proponents were lettered (institutionalized?) academics of the sort who unwittingly propagated the global warming,1 and 'blue monkeys' scams.

Our zappers use standard, nine-volt batteries. Alkaline batteries last around two weeks with constant use. Some brands of batteries are too fat for our zappers and in that case the lid won't close tightly. The well-known brands almost always fit, as do some of the rechargables. NiMH batteries last a lot longer, per charge, than the older NiCads. Lithium Ion are the best.

IMPORTANT! Changing the battery improperly will eventually break a battery clip wire so please don't pull the clip off by grasping the wires; push it off from the side with your thumb. If this is unclear to you, check out the YouTube video: Changing the Basic Zapper's Battery.

Test-Your Zapper Often! If you don't have a voltmeter then put one moist lip on each disc while the light is flashing. If the battery is charged you'll feel a vibrating tingle.

REPAIRS: All repairs due to damage after you receive the zapper are US$20, cash (no checks!). Just leave out the battery and put the cash in the zapper, then contact  for a mailing address to send the zapper to. The most common repair is a broken battery clip wire, so please always change the battery properly.

If you drop the zapper in water, immediately remove the battery and drain the water out of the zapper, then let it dry before putting the battery back. This will prevent damage to the circuit. If you drop it in saltwater be sure to also rinse the zapper out with fresh water.

CLEAN THE DISCS OCCASIONALLY. We use a harmless, water-based, paste-form copper cleaner. If debirs from your bloodstream builds up on a disc it will impede conductivity a bit.

If you see dark circles on your skin after zapping don't be alarmed; this is just tarnish from the copper discoloring the outer layer of skin while you're acidic. It washes off. Using a zapper is the quick, easy way to get property alkaline and when we're alkaline our skin doesn't get marked this way.