Tooth Soap vs. Canker Sores

You may be one of the millions of people who suffer from
painful and aggravating canker sores. Well, Lisa discovered
a little known canker sore zapping treatment that we
thought we'd pass along.

   I've been reading your testimonials and
   notice that none of them even mention the
   reason why my family tried Tooth Soap: canker

   My son and I both suffer from these painful
   sores. It got to the point where my son had
   them almost continually. He couldn't even
   brush his teeth it hurt so much.

   We tried the gels, baking soda, vitamin E,
   lysine supplements and using the "natural"
   toothpastes you get off the shelf in the
   super market. None of it made much

   Since using Tooth Soap both of us are getting
   much fewer canker sores and the really great
   thing is that if we do get one it goes away
   MUCH quicker and is MUCH less painful. Thank

   Lisa E.

Note from Chet: My own life-long canker sore problem went
away never to return in September of 2003 when I started
using Tooth Soap instead of toothpaste. Amazing.

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