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Is Your Toothpaste Full Of Carcinogens? Check this list…


Colgate has been selling “Colgate Total” for nearly 2 decades – and the FDA has just now FINALLY gotten around to banning its active ingredient triclosan… from hand and body soaps… but NOT from toothpaste.

The FDA says it is not okay to wash our hands with triclosan and rinse it off, but it’s perfectly safe to put in our mouth??? That makes no sense and some dentists are calling them out too. Why are they protecting Colgate – the only brand approved to sell toothpaste with triclosan? The FDA is clearly not watching out for consumers and are more interested in protecting the bottom line of some big corporations.

If the FDA isn’t protecting us, how do we know our toothpaste is safe? Check out this list of the worst ingredients to look out for and the best rated toothpaste brands: