Triple tiara

The Hierophant - High Priest or Pope

Pope John XXIII, wearing the triple tiara. Source: Pagan Sun Worship—The Truth.

The triple tiara of Krishna.

The triple tiara of an Assyrian cherubim at the British Museum.   Notice the multi level crown on this Babylonian god from 1800 B.C

The Papacy pt.1

a Persian triple-horned headpiece depicted on gate A in the citadel of King Sargon II (721-705 B.C.), in Khorsabad (Iraq). The triple-horned headpiece indicated deity, and was worn by the pagan Sun gods Shamash and Ashur. This may well be the origin of the triple-tiered papal tiara as claimed by the Catholic Encyclopedia, cited above.

The depictions of the pagan kings on the ancient standing stones above, show a strip of cloth (lappet) hanging from the rear of the headgear. These lappets are also present on the papal mitre and tiara, shown at left, and partially visible in the photos of popes above.