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Triplets Regress into Autism ALL ON THE SAME DAY -- Genetics Could Not Do This! (VaxXed Story)

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"We are living proof that they are all lying!"

"We were told it was genetic."



They were told by Geneticists there's no possible way that 3 children would shut off on the same day. That is absolutely STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE - especially being 2 boys and 1 girl.

Brenda and David McDowell took 3 healthy, happy and engaged, 9-month-olds in for one single vaccine that day -- Pneumococcal.

By the end of that day, all of the children had changed and were never the same again. They all became severely autistic. The shot was at 10:00 am.

By noon, 2 hours later, Claire had completely shut off ... as if she was blind and deaf. She just stared at the ceiling.

At 2:00 pm, Richie shut off.

Before the end of the day, Robbie looked like he was hit by a bus ... he had a stunned look on his face

All the giggles, all the smiles, all the babbling stopped

all the furniture walking stopped; all their reflexes stopped

They stopped blinking, yawning, sneezing

They never held hands again ... they never looked at each other again

Almost 5 years later they found out about the Vaccine Injury Court, but it was too late to apply.

They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to recover their children.

7 years after the shots, they found out that the Vaccine Lot was Contaminated. It was recalled for Sterilization issues a couple of weeks later, as it had already killed a 2-year-old, but that was hidden from the public.

What mainstream medicine tells us is that Autism is always genetic. They claim that it is not caused by the environment and most certainly not by vaccination. Yet, this case shows that they are clearly wrong. The geneticist they consulted, told them that this was an IMPOSSIBILITY if genetics were the cause. It is impossible for 3 different siblings to all regress suddenly into autism on the exact same day. Genetics don't operate that way,

I have heard so many personal accounts of a neurotypical and healthy child suddenly regressing into autism right after vaccinations, and the parents are consistently told that it was coincidence and there was no correlation to the vaccines.

Funny how vaccines are the leading cause of Coincidence Disorder!

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Richie, Robbie and Clair McDowell now have their names added to the VaxXed Bus -- which is now has the names of over 4000 Vaccine-Injured and dead people on it.

When will people wake up and stop the killing and maiming?

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Little girl giving the VaxXed Tour Bus a Big Hug, after her mom told her that all those names on the bus are people who were injured or died from vaccines.