The true detailed story about the founding of the National Vaccine Information Center, corroborated by Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Robert Mendelsohn prior to his death, is available on the Internet, courtesy of a Mothering Magazine contributor, pen-named “Momtezuma Tuatara.”Quoting her liberally here:


“Had the National Vaccine Information Center, (then primarily known as “Dissatisfied Parents Together”) not got into bed with the paediatric associations in order to put together the 1985 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act, there would not now be totally ineffective, unfair legislation for parents to wade through, and…


Had the NVIC joined together with all the other groups at the time, in actively opposing it, and retaining for parents the right to have the tort system as first option, there would have been no incentive for vaccine manufacturers to have broadened into other vaccines. See two items at the bottom.


By tearing apart another organisation, called Determined Parents Together, and then siding with the paediatric associations, NVIC split apart the strength of the real advocates for children ~~ and by splitting them apart, gave the medical profession the grist they needed to call JSand BLF the sane moderates, and dismiss the rest as lunatic fringe hippies.


The legislation you have now, is the direct result of that collaboration.


If you read Marge Grant’s book “A Stolen Life”, that will show you how the National Vaccine Information Center started, how they disembowelled Determined Parents Together, and will give you an understanding of why/how that happened.


Dissatisfied Parents [Barbara Loe Fisher and Jeffrey Swartz] hijacked Determined Parents, on a TV programme called Vaccine Roulette” early in the 80’s, by substituting their address, for that of Determined Parents together, ~~(by telling the producer, while the head of Determined parents was live on air in the TV studio that they worked together)~~ which resulted in all Determined Parents Together’s mail being diverted to Dissatisfied Parents Together, which formed the case basis for the book called “DPT – A shot in the Dark” and the member foundation for what is now NVIC.


Dr Mendelsohn who was also live on that programme was furious about it and wrote to NVIC demanding that they return Determined Parents Together mail to them, to no avail.


This resulted in the collapse of Determined Parents together, the building of Dissatisfied parents together, who then used Jeff Swartz to liase with the paediatric organisations and work in collaboration to implement the compensation act, which they [allegedly] believed was the right move [to deprive and damage Grant, outrage Mendelsohn, and deliver the opportunity for no-liability for vaccine injuries to Big Pharma].


The NVIC support of the act was then followed by a double betrayal from the Paediatrician organisations, who, having used NVIC to suit themselves, waited until the legislation was a couple of years old, and changed the table to effectively block the majority of claims possible.


So, in summary, both the National Vaccine Information Center, and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act is WHY you:

1) have so many vaccines in your schedule now, and

2) why its near impossible to get compensation for vaccine injury.


Some might say that it was naivity that lead to Jeff Schwartz and Barbara Loe Fisher going down that road, but I don’t believe it was, because I and many other parent groups, the testimony of whom can be seen in the senate proceedings, warned them what would happen, both personally and in writing.


However, NVIC had the backing of a paediatrician called Kevin Geraghty and a whole lot of medical moderates, which was all part of the attraction to the legislators.


NVIC did not have the backing of Dr Robert Mendelsohn, who copied me into his correspondence with NVIC, neither did they have the backing of any of the other parents organisations, or the other organisation then working for parents of vaccine damaged children run by Dr Anthony J. Morris, then called The Bell of Atri which was formally disbanded several years ago, but ran from the campus of Maryland University.


If you want to check some of this out, you have the right, being taxpaying citizens of the United States, to obtain a copy of senate records at no cost to yourself.


Go/ring the Library of Congress. Ask for a copy of the NATIONAL CHILDHOOD VACCINE INJURY COMPENSATION ACT OF 1985 : “Hearing before the Committee on Labor and Human Resources United States Senate, Ninety-Ninth congress, first session on S.827, July 18 1985.


You could also ask for another one the year before that, but I didn’t keep the whole one of that like I kept the whole 1985 one. The 1984 one had bits of more interest to the early story. I don’t know its number. I have extracts of it somewhere, but have just spent an hour trying to find them and can’t. Which is what happens when you systematically tidy, and refile key information. If I find it, I will put the number and title up.


Read that (or those) , and see for yourself.


NVIC is the organisation that legislators etc will half way listen to, since they got what they wanted by using them.


Has NVIC ever been an effective advocate for parents in any real context? Only you can answer that for yourself. But NVIC is now left in a position where all they can do is splutter about a situation they don’t like, put out newsleters criticising various decisions and vaccine implementations, and ask you for money to fight the very empire they helped bring about in the first place.


Yes you can get information from their website, but for what end? Most people go there when something has gone wrong with their child in the first place, and the damage is already done.


I think the end impact of the collaboration between the National Vaccine information Center and Paediatricians to enact the National Vaccine Injury Compensation act is well presented in these two items:


1) Wednesday, February 25, 1998




The climate slowly began to change in 1986 after passage of a federal law that shields vaccine producers from all liability not related to manufacturing error. … The law “turned the industry around” and encouraged biotech companies to jump into the vaccine field, says Mr Williams of Pasteur Merieux Connaught”




2) Forbes, December 15, 1997 page 254


Disease prevention, in the form of a $1.2 billion vaccine business, has become a thriving enterprise for SmithKline Beecham, Plc. of Brentford, England and Philadelphia… Smith Kline boldly expects to add another $1 billion to its vaccine revenues over the next four years.


That’s the history. Senate records and the book “A Stolen Life” will fill in the rest of the gaps for you all.

By the way, the last two quotes above, were a situation which I, and all the other parents organisation predicted to NVIC at the time, would happen as a result of their willingness to co-operate in the legislative process.

Sure, you might say that had NVIC not done that, the legislation might still have gone ahead, but we don’t know what would have happened IFFEN they hadn’t.

The parent organisations would have been so much more powerful had they all worked together.


“I want to sell drugs to everyone. I want to sell drugs to healthy people. I want drugs to sell like chewing gum.” former Merck CEO, Henry Gadsden