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Underground bases  Movies

Thanks, but no thanks. Most of this info can be had with a cursory google search and a bit of investigation, you should take some initiative in doing some of your own leg work next time. BTW I actually own the DVD and have seen the movie from beginning to end so many times that I've lost count. In fact on the DVD there are scenes that didn't make the movie where Jacob ventures off into hidden areas of the Subway system and encounters the same demon-esque creatures as seen in other parts of the movie. In fact the whole mental house/underworld scenes in which Jacob is taken on a gurney to a place reminiscent of Hell, appears to take place somewhere below NYC, atleast that is my interpretation-either way the recurring 'underground realm populated by beings malevolent towards humans' theme as mentioned in prior posts parallels the universal accounts pertaining to Reptilians and vampires (the same beings IMO) overwhelmingly.

..More interesting cryptic allusions and pop culture tidbits pertaining to New York City:

The 1984 horror film C.H.U.D. portrays mutated cannibalistic humanoids that come up from the sewers at night time and prey upon the citizens of New York (Hmmm, where have I heard this before?):

A winged Draco (Reptilian symbolism) grabbing hold of the Chrysler building in the 1982 horror flim "Q: The winged serpent":

Of course Clive Barkers "Midnight meat train"-an entire movie based on the narrative of an underground realm, connected to NYC's subway system populated by carniverous creatures who enjoy feasting on human flesh and who are protected by their operatives on the surface i.e. police, judges, lawyers etc..:

Interesting books like 'Downsiders' and 'Mole people' have also carried this theme of underground cities and or large populations residing below NYC:

In John Carpenters 'Escape from New york' the 'crazies' are cannibals that reside below the streets of New york city:

In William Johnstones series of books 'Out of the ashes', the 'night people' are a secretive, ages old group of cannibals that feed upon humans and mostly reside below ground in most of America's major cities (where have I heard this before?):

In the 2009 film Stag Night Four guys on a bachelor party get off the subway at a station that shut down in the 70′s and, after watching a transit cop get brutally murdered, find themselves running for their lives beneath the streets of NY:

The animated television series Futurama has a race of mutants (Reptilian 'Kappa'/Teenage mutant ninja turtles?) living in the sewers of New york city:

HP Lovecraft wrote a short story in the 1920s entitled "The horror at Red hook" in this story the Red Hook neighborhood is built over a vast, subterranean chamber where 'demons' worshiped ancient monsters:


In the 1997 Horror film 'Mimic' giant cockroaches (an obvious analogy for Reptilians) from the NY sewers learn to emulate human form in order to camouflage themselves, hide in the subways, and eat people:

And on and on and on...can you say predictive programming?