"Unhinged" - Circumcision Key to Jewish Psyche?

September 19, 2014

Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce 1924-2013

Endocrinologist traced Jewish behavior 
to an hormonal imbalance caused by circumcision. 

Roger Dommergue was the half-Jewish scion of a wealthy French family that converted to Christianity. He was raised by his Jewish maternal grandmother but was not circumcised. He fought with the Free French air force during World War Two and was a Freemason for a while. He earned PhD in Psychopathogy and was a professor and controversial writer.  

These notes were compiled by Bert from the subtitles of an YouTube interview in French. Thank you Bert! 
[Editor's Note: I present this for your information and reserve judgment.]  

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On what do we blame, or can we blame, objectively, the Jewish mindset? [which is becoming universal] 

"To be able to win in one operation 500 billion francs, and crash the Bank of England with one phone call, you have to be a Jew... I found the origin of this Jewish speculation -- this speculative-parasitic mind, Jewish of course, which for 5,000 years... has weighed down on the entire planet; it's the 8th day circumcision which we'll talk about... 

Well, you know in the commentary of the Torah, it is written that circumcision is something that goes beyond human understanding -- that you shouldn't try to understand. I read it myself in the commentary of the Torah, so I say this knowingly. Well, that's not the case anymore. Now we understand the mystery. And we know -- well I know and some people know -- Albert Camus knew... and Dr. Gautier who figured it out of course knew better than me, some philosophers like Gustave Thibon etc. know. But the masses ignore it, and the Jews are totally unaware -- their ordeal - because it's an ordeal they live through - You know, to torment and to kill others, it's also hell for them, it's a disease. You know Nietzsche said 'it was the sick who invented malice.' Consequently these are people you need to cure, and to cure the Jews it's very simple: stop circumcision. 

It's obvious that it isn't the Jewish religious education and the Jewish intellectual formation that gives them this particular mindset. Nor is it the fact that they've supposedly been told to work handling money and nothing else. That's not true at all, not true at all.

All of that is wrong; it doesn't make sense. In reality ... Not to mention most Jews I came to know in the "Jewish" high aristocracy of the world, could care less about Judaism, and knew nothing at all of the Jewish scriptures. And I tell you this eruditely because I know and I've experienced it. My uncles, my aunts knew absolutely nothing of the Torah. They went to funerals and other Jewish ceremonies only to brag, that was all. So that's not it.

Well there is, for the Jews, an operation you get done on the 8th day after birth, it's called circumcision.

As  Dr. Jean Gautier has shown, the first puberty begins on the eighth day after birth and lasts 21 days. And it's on the 8th day that circumcision is practiced. [At 7 to 9 years the sexual differentiation begins, and lastly there is full puberty at 10 to 17 years.] As a result of circumcision, this first puberty is disturbed... What do Jews have in common?

Some, those who run the world in particular, have a great capacity for speculation, and often these caricatural physiques that you'll find on say Raymond Aron or Pr. Schwartzenberg, or well, you've seen their faces before, which are faces of illness, you can clearly see that are sick. --It's their mental state that. --Yes it's their mental state. 

(Chicago financier, Lester Crown) 

Our face reflects our soul, hence those caricatural faces. Not all, some of them are handsome but they are very rare. But most are really ugly. Ugly. And some are hideous! Really hideous. I've seen some, those that reign in these times, they are really horrible. Their face really reflects their soul.

Particularly, the finance crowd. They really have soulless, carnivorous physiques, very caricatural traits. -- It's the left brain that's ... more developed compared to the right. -- That's it, particularly. The pituitarian side, the analytical mind.

And so, I'll sum up ... What happens?

What happens is when you perform his operation, you set free some hormones contained in the internalgenitalorgan,which is THE human gland. The gland that basically runs everything deliberately. Deliberately, not automatically. Automatisms it would seem are from the pituitary. So, it's the organ of free will. It will consequently become underdeveloped starting that day.

It will be underdeveloped and at the same time, it will liberate other organs, which will run without the brakes on. Because the role of the internal genital gland, is precisely to orchestrate a balance in the whole hormonal system. It won't be able to do it. Thus the pituitary and the thyroid, even the adrenal glands to a lesser extent, will become unhinged.

They will therefore be out of control, 7, 8, or 10 times more active than in most humans. And what's going to happen? The internal genital gland, which is underdeveloped in the mentally ill, will be underdeveloped in the Jews. Which means they'll only have enough interstitial capacity, to direct their speculations which will be dictated by their pituitary and their thyroid. Hence a sort of real illness: they can't stop.

And everyone knows -- [interviewer: You mean the affective is diminished then, it's altered.] --No, no what's switched off is the potential to control their speculation, to limit them, or to give them a synthetic quality. In other words, they write equations: Hiroshima, they write equations: Karl Marx, they write equations, mythomaniacal ones: Freud. You see? They are unable to consider ... An unhinged imagination, that runs on a fixed outline, and that just talks nonsense. And you come to these monstrosities that are financial capitalism, Marxism, Freudianism.

So, then ... disturbance. The hormones will fixate either upon the reproductive genital gland, which will make the Jews sex fiends, womanizers.
It could make pituitarians, scientists ... it could make thyroidians, like many actors, predominately thyroidians, some artists, at a very insignificant level, since there are not great Jewish artists. There is no Chopin, Beethoven, there's no Jewish Bach, because these guys had a huge interstitial capacity, the Jews don't. However when it comes to minor artists, they're everywhere. Just as in finance, pituitary medicine, chemistry and physics. Fair enough....

So, this circumcision, therefore, is the key.

Now, do you need endocrinology to understand this phenomenon? Not at all! You can understand it without knowing one word of endocrinology, without having understood the functional precedence of the hormonal system over the nervous system. That is, that we are directed primarily by the glands, and not by our nervous system, which only plays a very dimmed bridge role, and mostly serves to record and store our automatisms, since if we didn't have a nervous system, we would be eternal learners. That's the only role of the nervous system. The major role is, when you act, no matter what you do, it's the hormonal system that comes into play. The current speed of my diction comes from my natural state, thyroidian, with hyperactive tendency. You see? And that's relevant for all functions, all manifestations of human beings.

So what was I saying? Oh yes, I said there is no need to understand these endocrinal phenomena, it's very simple: jews have some distinctive trait consistent through time and space.

If you accept that, it's simple. If you don't you can't understand my reasoning. But if you accept it and many people do, then, it's easy to understand.
What is the common denominator that can explain a consistent distinctive trait through time and space? Well it's very simple, there in ONE.
And it's circumcision.

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