Vereniging Martijn

[Vereniging MARTIJN is a Dutch association that advocates the acceptance of pedophilia and legalization of sexual relationships between adults and children.[1] The group is widely reviled but not outlawed.[2][3] MARTIJN was expelled from the International Lesbian and Gay Association in 1994. ]

[2012 June] Dutch Child Sex Ring -- Where's the Justice? One of the perpetrators identified in that investigation by a young male victim was Joris Demmink, the current Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice -- the same government body that opposes banning "Martijn," the child sex promotion group.....How much credibility can joint anti-child sex trafficking activities have if a key enforcement official may be implicated in such activities and, at the same time, is in a position to block inquiries of the allegations against him?  Why has he not brought to court to face justice both as to his own behavior and his apparent ability to protect groups such as "Martijn"?