Violence & Religion
Religion  Violence

Acid attacks

Khitan (Islamic circumcision)
  Brit milah (Jewish circumcision)
Catholic Priest child abuse
Corporal punishment (spanking)
Extra-marital sex
Female genital mutilation
Judaism child abuse
remarital sex
Sodomic mind control
Suppressing sexuality

[2012 Jan] Muslim fanatics who called for execution of gays face up to seven years in jail

A lot of the incest thatís occurring is sodomy. Iíve heard that in Mexico Mexican fathers sodomize their daughters to be able to control them and bond them to the family, but they donít give them vaginal sex so they can preserve them as virgins for their husbands. What a crock of bull! Iím convinced that Muslim hatred for non-Muslims comes from sodomy. Their rage has to come from sodomy. Deprogrammer Interview with Marion Knox: In the House of the Strongman, Sodomy is the Key - by Elana Freeland

Every war results from the struggle for markets and spheres of influence, and every war is sold to the public by professional liars and totally sincere religious maniacs, as a Holy Crusade to save God and Goodness from Satan and Evil.-- Robert Anton Wilson (1932-2007)

[vid] Christian clergymen celebrate Christmas by beating each other up at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem

[2011 Sept] Are Evangelical Christians Warmongers? by Chuck Baldwin

[2009 July] Reporter feels mob's hate in the Holy City  They might be supremely religious, but their behaviour - to me - was far from charitable or benevolent.....I found myself herded against a brick wall as they kept on spitting - on my face, my hair, my clothes, my arms. It was like rain, coming at me from all directions - hitting my recorder, my bag, my shoes, even my glasses. ....I was later told, it was because using a tape-recorder is itself a desecration of the Shabbat even though I'm not Jewish and don't observe the Sabbath.

[2001] The Sexual Rage Behind Islamic Terror By Jamie Glazov

[2009] Book about killing gentile children becomes bestseller in Israel

[1999] THE TRUTH ABOUT  THE TALMUD A Documented Exposť of Jewish racist Hate Literature by Michael A. Hoffman II and Alan R. Critchley

Begging for his life: Mohamed Ibrahim appeals to Islamic militants not to carry out the execution as he is buried in the ground as his villagers are forced to watch

Three Orthodox Jews watching and dancing to the bombs falling on Gaza..

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men dance with Israeli soldiers in front of a mobile artillery unit positioned in the northern village of Fassuta, near the Lebanese border, July 24, 2006. REUTERS