Well of Sheshna

[2000] THE DEEP DWELLERS by Wm. Michael Mott

Rare Photos of the Well of Sheshna

In India, there is still a strong belief in the reality of Nagas - a race of "serpent people" or "lizard men" who have made their homes in two major underground cities (or civilisations), Bhogavati and Patala.

Bhogavati is believed to be underneath the Himalayas, and it is said that from there the Nagas wage war on other human subterraneans from the subsurface kingdoms of Agharta and Shambala.

Patala is believed by millions of Hindus to this day to have an entrance in the Well of Sheshna in Benares. According to herpetologist and author Sherman A. Minton in his book Venemous Reptiles, this entrance is very real, having 40 steps which descend into a circular depression and then terminate at a closed stone door covered in bas-relief cobras. In Tibet there is a major mystical shrine, also called Patala, which is said by the people there to sit atop an ancient cavern and tunnel system which reaches throughout the Asian continent and possibly beyond.

It is said that 30 feet down at the bottom, is a door that leads to another world, the world of the Naga, the reptile-like semi-divine beings who live below the earth. "The book "VENOMOUS REPTILES" states that "Sheshna's well", an alleged opening into the underground reptilian realm of "Patala", may be seen today in Benares, (Varnasi) India, and according to Minton, it's author: "It has forty steps leading down into a circular depression to a stone door covered with cobras. This is said to lead to PATALA, the reptile netherworld". Every three years, they empty the water and have a very incredible celebration. Next emptying is June, 2009. http://forum.davidicke.com/showthread.php?t=150071