[Where's the flood?] Live update from Brooklyn NY under the “superstorm” Sandy

Posted by Mochizuki on October 30th, 2012http://fukushima-diary.com/2012/10/wheres-the-flood-live-update-from-brooklyn-ny-under-the-superstorm-sandy/

Fukushima Diary went for a night patrol of Brooklyn NY.
Bedford Ave ~ Greenpoint
23:00 ~ 24:00  10/29/2012

Report :

There was no flood in this area except for east river from the interview with police officers.
Also, cardboards left on the street showed at least they were not flooded. Dead leaves were accumulated on the street, which also shows there was no flood in the area.
There was no black out along Bedford Ave and Manhattan Ave.
Only just one pole was found down on the street. Some bars and convenient stores were open with customers.
I saw 5~10 people walking on the street every 30 seconds.
I was more scared of police.
The wind was strong sometimes, I had spotty rain too. The rain was not salty like typhoon in Japan.
Subways were closed but the platform was not flooded, which you can see from the multiple dry paper trashes on the floor.
Pavement under the arcades were already drought.