Underground bases

X-File 38: Deep Underground II – Britain’s Area 51

by Jon King

21 April 2012

America’s Area 51 is not the only deep-underground facility to accommodate alleged alien technology programmes…

X-File 38: Deep Underground II – Britain’s Area 51

Extract from the book: ‘Cosmic Top Secret: The Unseen’ Agenda by Jon King

America’s Area 51 is not the only Ultra Top Secret deep-underground facility to accommodate alleged alien/government genetics and technology programmes. Similar programmes are operating in Britain. This, at least, is the claim of those who work, or have worked, at Britain’s most highly secret deep-underground laboratories and R&D facilities. And to judge by the depth of evidence emerging, as well as the quality of many of the witnesses and whistleblowers, it is a claim that should not be brushed aside as mere fancy.







It has long been rumoured that Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire could be the primary site for a British deep-underground facility. Others are suspected at Aldermaston, Harwell, Porton Down, RAE Farnborough, RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters, RAF Chicksands, Macrihanish, Brecon. The list goes on. But undoubtedly the most whispered-about facility is the alleged deep-underground complex simmering beneath Salisbury Plain.

Several former and still-serving military/defence personnel, as well as a number of civilians employed at military establishments, tend to agree that entrances to the Salisbury Plain facility are probably multiple. Without wishing to give away too many national secrets – which is not the purpose of this exercise – what used to be RAF Rudloe Manor near Corsham in Wiltshire, many say, hosted one of the primary entrances, although the site was officially decommissioned in 2001.

Formerly home to the Controller Defence Communications Network, as well as the Provost and Security Services (now stationed at RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire), the site has since been absorbed into the nearby Basil Hill Barracks complex, and it’s likely that access to the network of bunkers and tunnels that still exist beneath this site has been absorbed with it. And that, therefore, access to the Salisbury Plain deep-underground facility – of which the aforementioned ‘network of bunkers and tunnels’ form scarcely even the first layer – is still located here.

Documents uncovered as long ago as the 1970s (and others since) clearly reveal that RAF Rudloe Manor was not only one of Britain’s most highly top-secret military communications establishments, serving as it did as the nerve centre for nuclear missile deployment and military/intelligence communications relays, but it was also Britain’s primary contingency seat for Government in times of war and/or other national emergencies. It was known officially as the National Seat of Government (NSG).

But what is even more interesting so far as we are concerned is that for decades the Rudloe Manor complex, known in intelligence circles as ‘The Citadel’, housed the government’s primary data-gathering agency for the investigation of all anomalous aerial phenomena – i.e. UFOs – in Britain. Even GCHQ (Government Communications Head Quarters), Britain’s answer to America’s National Security Agency and certainly the nation’s most highly secretive listening post, links back to the central computer system still housed at Rudloe Manor’s CCC department, a top-secret underground MOD facility supporting the software maintenance of the UK’s nuclear deterrent programme: Trident.

According to several witnesses who came forward with information about this facility, somewhere beneath the CCC complex (which is itself already underground, remember) is another underground facility with access to the deep-underground facility-or ‘super-bunker’ – to which this file refers. Evidently this ‘super-bunker’ is accessed only by personnel with extremely high security clearances, and perhaps not surprisingly, none is permitted to even whisper about what goes on down there.

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